The School requires of its students that they complete the on-line tutorial on plagiarism and academic integrity. This tutorial is a requirement of the University and you can access this tutorial via mySI-net or via the link below.
It is important that you understand what plagiarism is, and why the university regards it as a serious offence. It is stupid and dangerous. It is stupid because it defeats the purpose of your studying with us. University study is about developing your own powers of critical thought. If you simply steal the ideas and arguments of others, you deny yourself the opportunity of strengthening your ability to enrich your understanding by making the effort to explain the thoughts of others. You learn nothing.
Plagiarism is also dangerous. Those who try to pass off the ideas and arguments of others as their own might succeed for a while in fooling others into thinking that they have thought long and wisely about the challenges and problems we face in today's world. However, they will inevitably put the well being of others at risk by their failing to have learnt how to think critically and creatively.
Please note that the School mandates the use of Turnitin in all its courses, and Turnitin will detect when you have used the words of others without acknowledgement.
Please complete the on-line academic integrity tutorial.
Please read the university policies on academic integrity and plagiarism.
A range of excellent seminars on academic researching, writing, time-management, and academic integrity are available through Student Services.
The UQ Library offers information on correct referencing techniques.

Importantly, the main reason students plagiarise is because they find themselves - for various reasons - unable to finish written assignments by the due date. They panic and copy the ideas and arguments of others. Please note that the School will consider applications for extension on progressive assessment in line with the University policy.
If you need to apply for an extension throughout the semester please visit our school website for information relating to our internal process.
The guidelines for late submission of progressive assessment are also available for your information.

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