The Mission Community and Staff, (Norfolk Island)
Melanelian just out from Breakfast, (Norfolk Island)
Melanesian Boys' Feasting Party, (Norfolk Island)
Showing Memorial Chapel, from top of Pine Tree, (Norfolk Island)
Interior Patterson Memorial Chapel, with Baptismal Front in foreground, (Norfolk Island)
Interior of the Chapel, (Norfolk Island)
Alalane Paen Married Quarters, St Barnabas', (Norfolk Island)
General View St Barnabas, from Mount Pitt, (Norfolk Island)
The Patteson Memorial Chapel - Melanesians in Front, (Norfolk Island)
The Patteson Memorial Chapel, (Norfolk Island)
Interior Patteson Chapel, from near Entrance, (Norfolk Island)
Reredos, Patterson Memorial Chapel, (Norfolk Island)
The Patteson Memorial Chapel, from North, (Norfolk Island)
The Mission Clergy, (Norfolk Island)
General View of Vanua, from West, (Norfolk Island)
Bishop's House, front view from Lawn, (Norfolk Island)
Bishop's House showing Mount Pitt, (Norfolk Island)
On the Verandah of Bishop's House, (Norfolk Island)
The Bishop's House, from Main Road Entrance, (Norfolk Island)
The Quad: St Barnabas, (Norfolk Island)
"Fall In"-Extended Order-Boys' Drill, (Norfolk Island)
Dining Room, St Barnabas, (Norfolk Island)
Bishop Patteson's House, (Norfolk Island)
The Old Chapel, (Norfolk Island)
The Porch, Old Chapel, (Norfolk Island)
The Old Chapel, from behind Memorial Chapel, (Norfolk Island)
The Printing House Interior, (Norfolk Island)
The Girls' Sewing Room-Girls' at Work, (Norfolk Island)
"Raga" House Boys' Gamal, (Norfolk Island)
"Gela" House, Boys' Gamal, (Norfolk Island)
Hospital and Recreation Grounds, (Norfolk Island)
The Pine Avenue near St Barnabas, (Norfolk Island)
Melanesians Weeding Maize, (Norfolk Island)
The Track through St Barnabas- Returning from Work, (Norfolk Island)
Southern Cross Landing Cargos at Cascades, (Norfolk Island)
"After a Day's Work", Melanesians Resting, (Norfolk Island)
Girls bringing in Firewood, (Norfolk Island)
The Main Road at St Barnabas, (Norfolk Island)
Milking Time, (Norfolk Island)
Dormitory at St Barnabas' College, (Norfolk Island)
Rev and Mrs Comins and girls, St Barnabas' College, (Norfolk Island)
The Ladies at St Barnabas', (Norfolk Island)

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