Finance/HR Officer
Contact details:
Room: E345, Forgan Smith Building (1)
Phone: +61 7 3365 6388
Email: hapifinanceofficer@uq.edu.au
Primary Purpose of Position:
This position’s main purpose is to manage/administer in conjunction with the School Manager all financial matters related to the School and in particular all research grants, project budgets, conference travel funding allocations and financial reports.
The position administers the appointment of casual and fixed term appointments, and provides assistance to the School Manager with financial forecasts and facilities management.
Responsible for:
  • Manage and administer day to day financial operations, casual appointments, research grants and resources.
  • Assist the School Manager in the daily functioning and operating of the School.
  • Supervise the use and reconciliation/approval of all corporate credit cards held by staff in the School.
  • Administer the School’s conference and research travel funds and assist staff and RHD students in filling in the University’s Travel Form.
  • Assist with travel report after travel has been undertaken and report to Faculty as required.

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