Chris Mesiku
Chris Mesiku

Project Title: In defence of the compatibility of Middle Knowledge and Quantum Randomness

Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Phil Dowe

Project Abstract: Quantum physics and freewill are two terms that have become part of everyday language both in the public and in academia. They are often given as evidence to support the view that the world does not evolve deterministically. Moreover, such a view is said to challenge the long held Christian belief that God has a plan for the Universe. I'm exploring the possibility that Middle knowledge seems to make it possible for God's Providence and Foreknowledge to exist in perfect harmony with any unpredictable event such as those due to Human Free Will and Quantum Indeterminacy. Molinism's strong stance against time-symmetric physical determinism seems to compel Physicists to either disprove the widely accepted view that quantum indeterminacy is a genuine feature of the universe or else they must accept that in a Universe of Quantum Indeterminacy, Molinism's Middle Knowledge is the best model for any residual determinism.

For around 5 and a half months in 2015 I was part of an IBM-run program called ‘LEADing to Africa’. I have written a blog,, about my time with IBM. Additionally, as part of my research at IBM, I have been accepted to present at the inaugural Citizen Science Conference at the Science Academy to be held in Canberra in July 2015.

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