The University of Queensland is the sole provider in Queensland of Classics and the History, Culture and Literature of Ancient Greece and Rome courses, especially Greek and Latin Language courses. Since the best way to explore the ideas of other cultures or historical epochs is to study the languages in which those ideas were originally expressed Classics and the History, Culture and Literature of Ancient Greece and Rome is committed to providing students with a sophisticated training in the Classical languages in order to promote a superior understanding of ancient cultures.
The discipline also offers a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels which address the history, literature, philosophy, art and archaeology of ancient civilizations. The Honours, Graduate Diplomas and Higher Degree programs provide opportunities for investigating in depth many of the aspects of the Greek and Roman civilisations which are introduced in the Pass Degree programs. Students have the option of two majors: Classical Languages and Ancient History, and may also take the History/Ancient History major which is part of the Bachelor of Arts/Education. 
The RD Milns Antiquities Museum, recently valued at over $2 million, is the finest collection of Ancient Greek, Roman and Near Eastern artefacts in Queensland offering students a rare opportunity for research based on ancient artefacts. It is the focus for a program of organised tours by School groups, and for an internship program, which trains students in the research, presentation and preservation of Museum artefacts.
Students are encouraged to join the associations affiliated with Classics and Ancient History: The Classics and Ancient History Society and the Friends of Antiquity  which organise a range of interesting functions and activities. Graduates are able to apply their skills to a range of careers, including teaching, government positions, educational administration, librarianship, museology and research officer. 
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Please see the UQ Classics and Ancient History Society to meet staff and students, attend events and receive mentoring and assistance. 

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