Your Bachelor degree is only one of a number of programs that you can study that you can do within the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry.
Below is an outline of the study paths and degrees are available: 
  • The MPhil programme is normally one and a half years or two years of full-time study, while the PhD is three to four years of full-time study.
  • The normal entry path into a Research Higher Degree is by having completed an Honours degree with a result of First Class or IIA. Depending on student preferences and qualification, a student can undertake an MPhil, an MPhil followed by a PhD, or progress directly into a PhD programme.
Master of Philosophy:
Doctor of Philosophy:
  • An Honours degree is a research-intensive, one-year, full-time programme of study. You will take a number of research seminars and write a thesis on a topic of your choice.
Bachelor of Arts (Honours):
  • The normal entry path into an Honours programme is by having completed a Bachelor degree with a major in the discipline in which you intend to do your Honours programme and a GPA of 5.0 or above in that discipline major.
Bachelor of Arts:

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