Dr Adam Bowles
Dr Adam Bowles


Senior Lecturer in Asian Religions
Studies in Religion Discipline Convenor
Studies in Religion Honours/PGCW Advisor
Studies in Religion Research and Research Training Advisor

Contact Details:

Office: E330, Forgan Smith Building (1)
Phone: +61 7 3365 6324
Email: a.bowles1@uq.edu.au


PhD, La Trobe


RELA2010 Introduction to Sacred Languages - Sanskrit
RELA2011 Advanced Sacred Languages - Sanskrit
RELN1000 World Religions
RELN2300 Rituals, Priests & Kings: A History of Hinduism
RELN2301 Buddhism
HIST2118 India from 1600 to Independence: Empires, Factories, Nations
RELN2600 Southeast Asia - History and Religion Study Tour
HIST2140 Indian History and Religion Study Tour

Research Interests:

Sanskrit narrative literature, especially the Mahābhārata; the history of ideas in the South Asian context; South Asian history; 18th c. Maratha history.

Current Research Projects:

Governance and Religion under the 18th century Maratha Peshwas; the Mahābhārata and the early articulation of a South Asian ‘community’.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • 2012 A History of State and Religion in India. London: Routledge (with Ian Copland, Ian Mabbett, Kate Brittlebank and Asim Roy).
  • 2010 "The Failure of Dharma" Seminar, 608: 26-31.
  • 2010 "Governance and religious conflict in the 18th c.: religion and the civil discourse of separateness in the Maratha polity" South Asia 33.1:61-74.
  • 2009 "Framing Bhīṣma's royal instructions: the Mahābhārata and the problem of its 'design'", in Petteri Koskikallio (ed.), Parallels and Comparisons: Proceedings of the 4th Dubrovnik International Conference of the Sanskrit Epic and Purāṇas. Zagreb: Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, pp.121-135.
  • 2008 Maha·bhárata Book 8, Karna 2. 600pp. (Karṇaparvan of the Mahābhārata.) Clay Sanskrit Library, New York University Press.
  • 2007 Dharma, Disorder and the Political in Ancient India: the Āpaddharmaparvan of the Mahābhārata. 430pp. Brill's Indological Library, 28. Leiden, Brill.
  • 2007 Maha·bhárata Book 8, Karna 1. 604pp. (Karṇaparvan of the Mahābhārata.) Clay Sanskrit Library, New York University Press.
  • 2006 ‘Translator’s insight’ claysanskritlibrary.org.

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