Dr Aurelia Armstrong
Dr Aurelia Armstrong


Lecturer in Philosophy

Contact Details:

Office: E320, Forgan Smith Building (1)
Phone: +61 7 3365 2805
Email: a.armstrong@uq.edu.au


BA(Hons), Australian National University
PhD, University of Sydney


PHIL2140 Social Ethics
PHIL2220 Kant and European Philosophy
PHIL2300 Phenomenology and Existentialism
PHIL2500 Philosophy and Art
PHIL3620 Advanced Continental Philosophy

Research Interests:

History of philosophy; Spinoza. Nietzsche; Foucault; Modern European philosophy; Social and political philosophy; gender studies; autonomy and emotion

Current Research Projects:

Spinoza on emotion; freedom and ethics; Power and affect in Spinoza's political philosophy.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • 'Spinoza's Ethics and Politics of Freedom: Active and Passive Power', in A. Kiarina Kordela and Dimitris Vardoulakis (eds.), Spinoza's Authority: Resistance and Power (Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy) 2016.
  • “The Passions, Power and Practical Philosophy: Spinoza and Nietzsche contra the Stoics,” Journal of Nietzsche Studies 44 (1) 2013, pp. 6-24.
  • “Transindividuality and Philosophical Enquiry in Schools: A Spinozist Perspective,” in Nancy Vansieleghem and David Kennedy Philosophy for Children in Transition: Problems and Prospects (West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), pp. 82-96.
  • “Transindividuality and Philosophical Enquiry in Schools: a Spinozist Perspective” (with Juliana Mercon), Journal of Philosophy of Education 45 June 2011, pp. 251-264.
  • “Natural and Unnatural Communities: Spinoza beyond Hobbes,” British Journal for the History of Philosophy 17 (2) 2009, pp. 279-305.
  • “Autonomy and the Relational Individual: Spinoza and Feminism,” in Rereading the Canon: Feminist Interpretations of Benedict de Spinoza (ed.) Moira Gatens, (Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2009), pp. 43-64.
  • “Beyond Resistance: a response to Zizek’s critique of Foucault’s subject of freedom,” Parrhesia: a journal of critical philosophy, No. 5, 2008, pp. 19-31.
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Other Activities and Service:

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