Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: c.ramsey@uq.edu.au
Dip. F.P., B.A.( Hons), Phd.
Research interests:
Continental philosophy, transcendental metaphysics, phenomenology, Heidegger, Levinas, Jungian psycho-philosophy, Zen Buddhism.
Present Research Projects:
Book: In The Name of The (M)Other looking through the problem of domestic violence towards the constitution of the perpetrator relative to our Western understandings of human psychological development and the political institutional framework that supports a 'triad of male violence'. By tracing the unconscious motif of the archaic feminine, the problem becomes clarified from 'the inside out'.
Book: Mitsein – Encountering The Event of Er-Eignis. A transcendental reading of Heidegger 'chiasmically' with Zen Buddhist texts and with the work of Teresa Brennan, Michael Lewis and Michael Zimmerman to reveal the primordial meaning of Heidegger's enigmatic notion of Mitsein.Contrasted with this reading, I read the traditional interpretation of Heidegger's work by Frederick Olafson to illustrate what is missed in this traditional reading.
PHIL2600 (Summer Semester)
PHIL7260 (Summer Semester)
Heidegger reading group: Mondays 12-2pm

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