Senior Lecturer in Greek History
Elected Member of the Academic Board

Office and Contact Details

Office: 515, Michie Building (9)
Phone: +61 7 3365 3338
Email: d.pritchard@uq.edu.au


BA Honours with University Medal (Macquarie University)
PhD in Ancient History (Macquarie University)


Dr Pritchard teaches courses on Greek history, on Greek mythology, on the democracy, culture and society of classical Athens, on ancient Greek, and on the uses of documentary evidence for Greek and Roman History. His courses include:
ANCH1240 The Rise of Ancient Greece
ANCH2030 Myth, Magic and Religion in the Ancient World
ANCH2040 The World of Classical Athens
ANCH3020 War and Games in Ancient Democratic Athens
ANCH6900 Documentary Evidence for Ancient History
ANCH7900 Research Methods
GREK2120 Intermediate Greek
GREK2230 Greek Language and Literature 1

Research Interests

Dr Pritchard’s research spans the history, mythology, religion, culture and language of the ancient Greeks. His research interests include the cultural and social history of classical Athens, participation in Athenian democracy, public spending in classical Athens, the Athenian armed forces, ancient Greek warfare, ancient Greek women, the ancient Olympics and ancient Greek sport.

Democracy and War in Ancient Athens

This is Dr Pritchard’s current major research project. Ancient Athens developed democracy to a higher level than any other state before the modern period. It was the leading cultural innovator of its age. Athens is rightly revered for its political and cultural achievements. Less well known is its extraordinary military record. Athens transformed ancient warfare and became one of the ancient world’s greatest military powers. There is a strong case that it was Athenian democracy that brought about this battlefield success. But the traditional assumptions of Ancient History have meant that democracy’s impact on war has hardly been studied. By explaining this impact this project will transform how ancient historians understand one of the ancient world’s most important states. Dr Pritchard discusses this project in a video interview here.


Dr Pritchard has authored Sport, Democracy and War in Classical Athens (Cambridge University Press: 2013) and Public Spending and Democracy in Classical Athens (University of Texas Press: 2015), edited War, Democracy and Culture in Classical Athens (Cambridge University Press: 2010) and co-edited Sport and Festival in the Ancient Greek World (Classical Press of Wales: 2003). In addition to his books he has published more than 40 book chapters and peer-reviewed articles. Dr Pritchard is currently finishing for Cambridge University Press a monograph on the armed forces of democratic Athens. Dr Pritchard recently delivered a public lecture on his second monograph at the University of Melbourne.
A full list of Dr Pritchard's publications can be found in his curriculum vitae here.
Many of his publications can be freely downloaded from here.


Dr Pritchard regularly writes for newspapers in Australia and overseas. Opinion pieces of his have appeared in The Age, The Australian, The Conversation, The Courier-Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald, Kathimerini, The Herald Sun, The Canberra Times, The Advertiser, Neos Kosmos and Online Opinion. Newspaper articles on Dr Pritchard's research have appeared in The Australian, Ta Nea, Kathimerini and Neos Kosmos. Dr Pritchard regularly speaks on the radio and was interviewed recently for Classics Confidential.

Affiliations, Fellowships and Memberships

Dr Pritchard is Research Associate of the Sydney Democracy Network and Research Affiliate of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens at the University of Sydney. He has held research fellowships at Macquarie University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Sydney. This year Dr Pritchard was Research Fellow in Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study and won a Margo Tytus Visiting Fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. Currently Dr Pritchard is Research Fellow at Strasbourg University’s Institute for Advanced Study. In 2013 Dr Pritchard was the Charles Gordon Mackay Lecturer in Greek at the University of Edinburgh. In 2014 he was Visiting Scholar in Greek History at Brown University. Dr Pritchard is a longstanding member of the executive committee of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies and a regular member of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, the Macquarie Ancient History Association and the Society of Classical Studies. He regularly referees for Cambridge University Press and sits on a number of editorial boards. Dr Pritchard is an honorary member of the Greek Orthodox Community of St George, Brisbane.

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