Dr Giuliani
Dr Giuliani
Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: e.giuliani@uq.edu.au 
PhD in History, UQ (2012)
BA(Hons), UQ (2007)
Australian studies course convenor/lecturer: HPRC/International Studies Programme.
Research Interests:
Policing, justice and surveillance in nineteenth-century colonial contexts, particularly India and Australia.
Current Research Interests:
  • The rise of nationalism in colonial India and its impact on policing infrastructures in Bengal.
  • Early 20th century policing in India at the time of the Partition of Bengal.
  • The personnel and communicative connections between India and Australia, and the formation of an Imperial policing model within a co-constituted and interconnected Empire.
Current Research Projects:
Imperial Connections: The Development and Export of the Colonial Police Model in India - a project that examines the communicative and personnel networks across the British Empire.
Selected Recent Publication:
  • 'Strangers in the Village? Colonial Policing in Rural Bengal, 1861-1892', Modern Asian Studies, 2015 (forthcoming).
  • Surveillance policière et technologies d’identification dans les colonies de Nouvelle Galles du Sud et du Queensland, 1880-1903, from the book, Vincent Denis and Catherine Denys (Ed.), Polices d’empires: XVIIIe-XIXe siècles.

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