Dr Lloyd
Dr Lloyd
Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: m.lloyd@uq.edu.au
PhD, University of Queensland – 5 June 2015
BA (Hons: First Class) (Philosophy), University of Queensland – 2004
BA (Philosophy/Religion), University of Queensland – 2003
BA (Justice Studies), Queensland University of Technology – 1998
Research Interests:
  • Philosophy of the Enlightenment
  • 18th Century French Philosophy
  • Early-Modern Philosophy
  • ‘Continental’ Philosophy
  • 20th Century French Philosophy
Current Research Projects:
Martyn is currently working to develop several interrelated journal articles which together work to reconstruct the role of reason in the philosophy of the French Enlightenment. Critics have often argued that the philosophy of the period was dominated by theories of absolute subjectivity and of autonomous reason. In fact the French Enlightenment was marked by a sustained attempt to remove entirely the faculty of reason from philosophy and to ground philosophy only in the passions. When the period did construct a philosophy of rationality it did so with a naturalistic foundation. These often relied on theories of the origin and structure of language and on a profound interest in corporeality, sensation, and sensibility. The focus of this research is particularly the writings of Diderot, Condillac, and Helvétius.
In addition to this Martyn is currently working to publish his PhD monograph provisionally entitled “The Marquis de Sade’s Philosophical ‘System’ in its Enlightenment Context.”
Selected Recent Publications:
Henry Martyn Lloyd is a research fellow based at the University of Queensland. He is a specialist in the History of French Philosophy and has particular interests in the Philosophy of the Enlightenment and in Twentieth Century French Philosophy. He is the editor of The Discourse of Sensibility: The Knowing Body in the Enlightenment (Springer: 2013), has published papers including in Intellectual History Review and Philosophy Today, and was the co-editor of a special edition of Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy.
Martyn was awarded the Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Prize for 2015.
Other Activities and Service:
As well as being a regular participant in the weekly activities of the discipline Martyn is an active contributor to the discipline as an honours supervisor. He is currently associate supervisor to two RHD students both of whom are working on themes in twentieth century European philosophy.

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