Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: j.manley@uq.edu.au
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Classics
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Ancient History
Bachelor of Arts, Honours Class I (Latin Language and Literature)
Bachelor of Arts
Current research interests:
Dr Manley is currently working on collaborative research with Dr Caillan Davenport on the Antonine period of Roman imperial history, and is also working on the representation of illness in Latin literature.
Dr Manley has special interests in Roman social history and Latin epistolography.
  • Book (with C. Davenport): Fronto: Selected Letters. Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2013.
  • Article: ‘Measles and Ancient Plagues: A Note on New Scientific Evidence,’ Classical World (2014) 107.3: 393-397.
  • Article: ‘Partridges in the Roman Empire,’ Classicum (2013) 39.2: 2-5.
  • Article (with M. Francis): ‘The National Regulatory System for Community Housing: A Platform for Growth,’ Parity / HousingWORKS, July (2013).
  • Review: Reading Ancient Slavery. Scholia: Studies in Classical Antiquity (2012) 20: 178-181.
Other Activities and Service:
Oxford University Faculty of Classics, The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, Visiting Research Associate.

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