Associate Professor<br />Marguerite La Caze
Associate Professor
Marguerite La Caze


Associate Professor in Philosophy
Philosophy Research and Research Training Advisor

Contact Details:

Office: E312, Forgan Smith Building (1)
Phone: +61 7 3365 3443


BA, (Qld)
MA, Melbourne University
PhD, (Qld)


PHIL1002 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2220 Kant and European Philosophy
PHIL2300 Phenomenology and Existentialism
PHIL2340 Postmodernism and Philosophy
PHIL2400 Ethics and the Passions
PHIL3620 Contemporary European Philosophy

Research Interests:

European philosophy, feminist philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics.
For more information, visit Marguerite’s UQ Researchers profile.

Current Research Projects:

ARC Discovery Grant, 2015-2017
Project title: Ethical restoration after political violence and oppression: a philosophical account.’
Companion article on the work of Michèle Le Dœuff; restorative ethics, including lying in politics and trust, Beauvoir on hate and revenge, Post-genocide justice in Rwanda, unconditional ethics in Kant, Sartre and Derrida.
UQ - UWA Bilateral Research Collaboration Award with Michael Levine: In pursuit of integrity: emotional self-assessment in moral life.

Selected Recent Publications:

Co-authored Books
Edited journal issues
Chapters in Books
  • ‘Impossible and possible reciprocity: love and hate in Beauvoir.’ Thinking about love: Essays in contemporary continental philosophy, Ed. Antonio Calcagno and Diane Enns. University Park: Penn State University Press, forthcoming 2015.
  • ‘Pretending peace: Provisional political trust and sincerity in Kant and Améry’, Sincerity in Politics and International Relations, edited by Sorin Baiasu and Sylvie Loriaux, London: Routledge, forthcoming 2015.
  • ‘Promising and Forgiveness’, Hannah Arendt: Key Concepts, ed. Patrick Hayden, London: Routledge, 2014, 209-21.
  • ‘Integrity’ with Damian Cox and Michael Levine, The Handbook of Virtue Ethics, Ed. Stan van Hooft Durham: Acumen, 2014, 200-209.
  • ‘Hope and affirmation: An Ethics of Reciprocity’, Sartre: Key Concepts, ed. Steven Churchill and Jack Reynolds, Durham: Acumen, 2013, 206-12.
  • ‘Existentialism, Feminism and sexuality’, The Continuum Companion to Existentialism, Eds. Felicity Joseph, Jack Reynolds, and Ashley Woodward, London: Continuum, 2011, 155-174.
  • ‘A Taste for Fashion’, Fashion— Philosophy for Everyone: Thinking with Style, Eds. Jeanette Kennett and Jessica Wolfendale, Oxford: Blackwell, 2011, 199-214.
  • ‘The miraculous power of forgiveness and the promise’, Action and Appearance: Ethics and the Politics of Writing in Hannah Arendt, Eds. Anna Yeatman, Phillip Hansen, Magdalena Zolkos, and Charles Barbour, London: Continuum, 2011, 150-165.
  • ‘The Judgement of the Statesperson’, Power, Judgment and Political Evil: In Conversation with Hannah Arendt, Eds. Andrew Schaap, Danielle Celermajer and Vrasidas Karalis, Farmham: Ashgate, 2010, 71-87.
  • ‘Splitting the Difference: Between Young and Fraser on Identity Politics’, Feminist Alliances, Ed. Lynda Burns, New York: Rodopi, 2006, 151-163.
  • ‘Should radical evil be forgiven?’ Forensic Psychiatry: Influences of Evil, Ed. Tom Mason, Totowa: Humana, 2006, 273-293.
Refereed Articles
  • ‘It’s easier to lie if you believe it yourself: Derrida, Arendt, and the modern lie.’ Special Issue on Mendacity and the Law, Law, Culture, and the Humanities, forthcoming 2015.
  • ‘Iris Marion Young’s Legacy for feminist theory.’ Philosophy Compass, Vol.9, No.7, 2014, 431-440.
  • ‘At first blush: The politics of guilt and shame.’ Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy. No.18, 2013, 85-99.
  • ‘‘The mute foundation of aesthetic experience?’ Costa Lima Special Issue, Culture, Theory and Critique, Vol.54, No.2, 2013, 209-224.
  • ‘Moss, fungus, cauliflower: Sartre’s critique of “human nature’, Symposium: Canadian Journal for Continental Philosophy, Vol.16, No.1, 2012, 30-51.
  • ‘Terrorism and trauma: Negotiating Derridean “autoimmunity”’, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol.37, No.5, 2011, 605-620.
  • ‘Max Deutscher’s genre of philosophy’, Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics, Vol.IV, No.1, 2009, 71-78.
  • ‘Derrida: Opposing Death Penalties’, Derrida Today, Vol.2, No.2, 2009, 186-199.
  • ‘Michèle Le Dœuff, feminist epistemology, and the unthought’ Hecate: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Women’s Liberation, Vo.34, No.2, 2008, 62-79.
  • ‘Seeing oneself through the eyes of the other: Asymmetrical reciprocity and self-respect’, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Vol.23, No.3, 2008, 118-135.
  • ‘On Orientation in Thought: Hannah Arendt and Michèle Le Dœuff’, International Studies in Philosophy, Vol.39, No.4, 2007, 77-102.
  • ‘At the intersection: Kant, Derrida and the relation between ethics and politics’ Political Theory: A Journal of Political Philosophy 35, 2007, 781-805.
  • ‘Sartre integrating ethics and politics: the case of terrorism’, Parrhesia, No.3, 2007, 43-53.
  • ‘The asymmetry between apology and forgiveness.’ Feature Article: Theory and Practice, Contemporary Political Theory. Vol.5, No.4, 2006, 447-468.
  • ‘Love, that indispensable supplement: Irigaray and Kant on love and respect’ Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. Vol.20, No.3, 2005, 92-114.
Encyclopaedia Entries
  • Entries on ‘Simone de Beauvoir’ and ‘The Look’, The Continuum Companion to Existentialism London: Continuum, 2011, 339-340; 352.
  • ‘Feminist philosophy’, A Companion to Philosophy in Australasia, Eds. Graham Oppy, and Nick Trakakis, Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, 2010, 184-88.
  • Integrity’, Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, Ed. Ed Zalta, with Damian Cox and Michael Levine, 2001. Updated and revised 2008.
Book Reviews
  • Review of Ann Ferguson and Mechthild Nagel, Eds. Dancing with Iris: The Philosophy of Iris Marion Young, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009, Social Theory and Practice, Vol.37, No.4, 2011, 697-704.
  • Review of Michèle Le Dœuff’s Hipparchia’s Choice: An essay Concerning Women, Philosophy, etc. 2nd Ed. Trans. Trista Selous. New York: Columbia University Press, 2007, Hypatia 24.1, 2009, 191-195.
  • Review of Rauna Kuokkanen, Reshaping the University: Responsibility, Indigenous Epistemes, and the Logic of the Gift, Vancouver: UBC Press, 2007, The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, Vol.37, 2008, 181-83.
For a full list of publications, please refer to Marguerite's UQ Researchers profile.

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