Dr Sylvie Shaw
Dr Sylvie Shaw


Lecturer in Religion and Spirituality Studies

Contact Details:

Office: E326, Forgan Smith Building (1)
Phone: +61 7 3365 6322
Email: sylvie.shaw@uq.edu.au


BA, Monash University
MA, Monash University
PhD, Monash University


Contemporary religions, spiritualities and faiths. Religion, society and diversity. Religion, conflict and peace. Environment, religion and spiritual values. Trance, body and consciousness studies. Shamanism, ritual and Indigenous religions. Religion, media, film and popular culture. World religions.

Research Interests:

Religion and sustainability. Religious and spiritual responses to climate change. Social and sacred ecology, including social and spiritual impacts of environmental change, e.g. decline in fisheries. Human health and wellbeing, ecology and nature connecting. Impacts of ‘ecosocial’ and ‘ecospiritual’ experiences in nature (on land and sea). Experiences of the wild, the sacred and the numinous. Spirit of extreme sports. Cultural appropriation, shamanism and the new age. Religious change and diversity.

Current Research Projects:

  • Monitoring and evaluating Moreton Bay and its catchments as a socio-ecological system: enhancing social science contributions to marine park management.
  • Fishers, Families, Communities: Assessing the social impact of fisheries decline in Queensland coastal regions.
  • Social and spiritual values of the Brisbane River.
  • Greening of Religion: Responses to environmental and climate change.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Shaw Sylvie and Andrew Francis, eds., Deep Blue: Critical Reflections on Nature Religion and Water, London: Equinox (2008).
  • Helen Ross, Sylvie Shaw, Jessica Schoeman, Susie Chapman, Neil Cliffe, David Rissik, Vanessa Hounsell, James Udy, and Nghia Trinh, 2012, Climate Roundtables Southeast Queensland: short report. Global Change Institute, The University of Queensland.
  • Shaw Sylvie, Helen Johnson, Wolfram Dressler, Kathryn Conrad, and Helen Ross, 2009, The Human Dimension of Moreton Bay Marine Park: A baseline analysis of social values and perceptions. Report for the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management.
Journal articles, book chapters, proceeding papers and reviews
  • Helen Ross, Sylvie Shaw, David Rissik, Neil Cliffe, Susie Chapman, Vanessa Hounsell, James Udy, Nghia Trong Trinh and Jess Schoeman, 2015, "A participatory systems approach to understanding climate adaptation needs". Climatic Change.
  • Nicole Stirling, Sylvie Shaw and Patricia Short, 2014, "Sifting, Negotiating and Remaking Religious Identities: A Redefining of Lived Religion among Muslim Migrant Women". International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 4, 8(1): 17-29.
  • Shaw Sylvie, 2008, “Deep Blue Religion”, in Sylvie Shaw and Andrew Francis, eds., Deep Blue: Critical Reflections on Nature Religion and Water, London: Equinox.
  • Cock Peter and Shaw Sylvie, 2006, “A Journey into Social and Sacred Ecology”, Eingana, 29, 1, 9-13.
  • Shaw Sylvie, 2005, “Wild Spirit, Active Love”, in Ly de Angeles, Emma Restall-Orr and Thom van Dooren, eds., Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future, Woodbury, MN, Llewlyn Worldwide.
  • Shaw Sylvie, 2004, “At the Water’s Edge: An Ecologically Inspired Methodology”, in Jenny Blain, Douglas Ezzy and Graham Harvey, eds., Researching Paganisms, Walnut Creek, CA, Alta Mira.
  • Shaw Sylvie, 2003, “Deep in the Heart”, in John Cameron, ed., Changing Places: Re-Imaginging Australia, Double Bay, Longueville Books.
  • Shaw Sylvie, 2003, “Reclaiming the Ecoerotic: Celebrating the Body and the Earth”, Ecotheology, 8, 1, 85-999.
  • Shaw Sylvie, 2001, “Lose touch with the Earth and you lose touch with life”, in Alan Dearling and Brendan Hanley (eds), Alternative Australia: celebrating cultural diversity, Lyme Regis, Dorset, An Enabler Publication.
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