Honorary Research Fellow

Contact Details:

Email: v.lam@uq.edu.au


MSc (Physics), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (2002)
PhD (Philosophy), University of Lausanne (2007)

Research and Teaching Areas:

  • Specialisation: foundational issues in general relativity and quantum theory, philosophy of space and time, philosophy of physics.
  • Competence: philosophy of science, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, logic, causation.

Current Research Projects:

  • Metaphysics of quantum field theoretic structures in dynamical spacetime.
  • The status of mass and energy in general relativity.
  • Quantum theory on closed timelike curves.
  • Physical and mathematical basis of ontic structural realism.
  • Causal modeling in quantum theory.
  • ‘Primitive ontology’ and the status of spacetime.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • (2015) ‘Primitive ontology and quantum field theory’, European Journal for Philosophy of Science 5: 387-397.
  • (2015) ‘The Physics and Metaphysics of Primitive Stuff’ (with M. Esfeld, D. Lazarovici and M. Hubert) , accepted for publication in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
  • (2015) ‘Quantum structure and spacetime’, forthcoming in T. Bigaj and C. Wüthrich (eds.), Metaphysics in Contemporary Physics. New York: Rodopi, 209-228.
  • (2015) Review of ‘Discrete or Continuous? The Quest for Fundamental Length in Modern Physics’ by Amit Hagar (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
  • (2015) ‘No categorial support for radical ontic structural realism’ (with C. Wüthrich), British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 66: 605-634.
  • (2014) ‘Entities without intrinsic physical identity’, Erkenntnis 79: 1157-1171.
  • (2014) ‘Protective measurements and the status of the wave function within the primitive ontology approach’. In S. Gao (ed.), Protective Measurement and Quantum Reality: Toward a New Understanding of Quantum Mechanics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 195-210.
  • (2013) ‘The entanglement structure of quantum field systems’, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 27: 59-72.
  • (2013) ‘A dilemma for the emergence of spacetime in canonical quantum gravity’ (with M. Esfeld), Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 44: 286-293.
  • (2013) ‘Aspects structuraux de l’espace-temps dans la théorie de la relativité générale’, in S. Le Bihan (ed.): Précis de Philosophie de la Physique, Paris: Vuibert, 204-221.
  • (2012) Review of ‘From Current Algebra to Quantum Chromodynamics’ by Tian Yu Cao (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), Philosophy in Review 32: 447-449.
  • (2012) Review of ‘Geometric Possibility’ by Gordon Belot (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 26: 227-230.
  • (2012) ‘The structural metaphysics of quantum theory and general relativity’ (with M. Esfeld), Journal for General Philosophy of Science 43: 243-258.
  • (2011) ‘Gravitational and non-gravitational energy: the need for background structures’, Philosophy of Science 78: 1012-1023.
  • (2011) ‘Ontic stuctural realism as a metaphysics of objects’ (with M. Esfeld), in A. & P. Bokulich (eds.): Scientific structuralism, Dordrecht: Springer, 143-159.
  • (2010) ‘Metaphysics of causation and physics of general relativity’, in C. Calosi (ed.): Physics and Metaphysics, Pisa: Edizioni ETS, 61-80.
  • (2010) ‘Holism and structural realism’ (with M. Esfeld), in R. Vanderbeeken & E. Weber (eds.): Worldviews, science and us: Studies of analytical metaphysics. A selection of topics from a methodological perspective, 10–31, Singapore: World Scientific.
  • (2009) ‘Métaphysique de la causalité et physique de la relativité générale’, Klesis 13, 106-122.
  • (2009) ‘Structures as the objects of fundamental physics’ (with M. Esfeld), in U. Feest et H.-J. Rheinberger (eds.), Epistemic Objects, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, preprint 374, 3-16.
  • (2008) ‘Structural aspects of the singular feature of space-time’, in D. Dieks (ed.), Ontology of Spacetime. Philosophy and Foundations of Physics Series. Vol. 2, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 111-131.
  • (2008) ‘Moderate structural realism about space-time’ (with M. Esfeld), Synthese 160, 27-46.
  • (2007) ‘The singular nature of space-time’, Philosophy of Science, 74 : 712-723.
  • (2006) ‘Is a world only made up of relations possible? A structural realist point of view’, in M. Esfeld (ed.), John Heil. Symposium on his ontological point of view, Frankfurt: Ontos.
  • (2005) ‘Causation and Space-time’, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, 27, 483-499.

Other Activities and Service:

  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Ambizione Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of Lausanne, CH-1015 Lausanne.

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