Dr Thorley
Dr Thorley
Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: v.thorley@uq.edu.au
ThA (Aust Coll Theol)
DipEd (UQ)
Grad Cert TESOL (UNE)
PhD (UQ)
Grad Dip Counselling (UNE)

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Current Research interests:
  • Wet nursing
  • Informal sharing of mother’s milk
  • Human milk banking

Other Activities and Service:
  • Ad hoc reviewer for a number of journals, including Midwifery, Women & Birth and the Journal of Human Lactation.
  • Member of the International Advisory Council of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA).
  • Director of Lactation Consultants of Australia & New Zealand.
  • Please see Dr Thorley's personal website for further information.


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