Dr Hunt
Dr Hunt
Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: y.hunt@uq.edu.au
PhD Ancient History
BA (Hons I)
Research Interests:
Ancient pantomime, Roman imperial policy, Roman social and political history, the reception of Greek culture (especially mythology) in Roman society, epigraphy, religious festivals in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, poisons and poisoners in the classical world.
Current Research Interests:
Ancient pantomime, Roman imperial policy, Libanius.
Current Research Projects:
Preparation of my thesis, "Imperial Policies towards Pantomime and Roman Public Entertainment," for publication; translation of Libanius' 42nd Oration.
Selected Recent Publications:
  • “La voix de la pantomime en élaboration” in Delavaud-Roux, M.-H. (ed) Conference Proceedings of Colloque International Corps et Voix dans les Danses du Théâtre Antiquite 28th-29th September. Université d Bretagne Occidentale Presses Universiaires de Rennes: Rennes. Forthcoming.
  • “Roman Pantomime Libretti and their Greek Themes: The Role of Augustus in the Romanization of the Greek Classics” in Hall, E. and Wyles, R (eds) 2008 New Directions in Ancient Pantomime Oxford University Press: Oxford. 
Other Activities and Service:
I write a blog called "Spare a Talent" on ancient history, archaeology and reception http://spareatalent.blogspot.com.au/

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