Project Title: Euripides and Attic Hero-Cults: Euripidean Tragedy and the Worship of Theseus, Heracles and Iphigeneia

Principal Advisor: Dr Amelia Brown

Project Abstract: This thesis aims to provide a systematic study of the presentation of Theseus, Heracles and Iphigeneia in the work of the last of the three great Greek tragedians: Euripides. By contrasting the depictions given by Euripides with what is known of the real life worship of these heroes, this thesis aims to present the first complete analysis of Euripides’ treatment of these figures. By doing so it will reexamine the important relationship between popular Athenian religious practices, and religion as depicted in Euripidean tragedy. This thesis will therefore contribute to the discussion of Euripides’ importance to the study of Athenian popular religion, and assess the possibility of using his tragedy as source material for contemporary hero-cults.

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