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Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Professor
Contact Details:
Email: m.stuartfox@uq.edu.au
BSc, University of Queensland, Zoology and Mathematics
BA, University of Queensland, History and Philosophy
MA, University of Queensland, Rationale for a Theory of History
PhD, University of Queensland, Evolutionary Theory of History
Current research projects:
Evolutionary theory of history, and religious symbolism and the legitimation of power in Laos
Research interests:
Professor Stuart-Fox’s current research concentrates on evolutionary theory of history. He retains an interest in the history and political culture of Laos and Cambodia, and early Buddhism.
Please see the following link for a list of Professor Stuart-Fox's publications
Martin Stuart-Fox worked as a marine biologist in Papua-New Guinea, taught science in Hong Kong, and was employed as an agricultural extension officer by USAID in Laos, before joining United Press International and covering the Vietnam War for three years from both Laos and Vietnam. He travelled widely and reported for UPI from India, France, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. In 1976 he joined the History Department in The University of Queensland as tutor in Asian Civilisations while completing his MA and PhD in the philosophy and theory of history.

Professor Stuart-Fox taught courses in both Asian history and the philosophy and theory of history, and was Head of History from 1998 to 2002. He was named Emeritus Professor History in 2005.
Other Activities and Service:
  • Member of the Australian Institute of International Affairs
  • Member of the Asian Studies Association of Australia
  • Member of the Australian Historical Association
  • Former Editorial Board Member, Asian Studies Review

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