The Studies in Religion staff are very pleased to announced the essay prize winners for Semester 1 in 2013. The winner in the 1000 level category is Abbie (Sreyneth) Taing with her essay 'Life After Death: A Materialistic and Non-Materialistic Analysis of Near-Death Experiences'. The winner in the 2000 category is Lachlan Summers for his essay 'The Representation of Satanism in Norwegian Black Metal'. Both winners receive $100, a certificate of achievement and some ballast for their CVs. It was a close contest in both categories this year, with Emily Donald, Billie Chen, Laura Manton, Harriet Lampe, Christina Rogers, Angela Goh, Stefanie Ramsey and Sarah Renton-Power all deserving of special mention.
Remember that more prizes will be handed out for essays submitted in Semester 2. 
Congratulations to Abbie and Lachlan!
Dr Bowles congratulating Abbie.
Dr Bowles congratulating Lachlan.
Lachlan and Abbie with their certificates.

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