Virgil, Aeneid (Book IV)

Important Guidelines for Students using this Medium

After reading the introduction to the subject (very important), containing subject aims, general guidelines, and bibliography, you should work through the textual material in accordance with your lecturer's instructions and timetable. There will be a one-hour class session with your lecturer each week for text discussion and presentation of material. If you need to contact your lecturer urgently (eg. for a point of clarification without which you cannot proceed), you may email her at

You will see that the Latin text appears in the left frame on your screen, and commentary and explanations in the right frame. Certain words and passages in the text are brown/underlined; these are linked to specific explanations and/or translations in the commentary. Simply click on the brown/underlined text to bring up the relevant commentary in the right frame. You may then - if necessary - scroll the commentary down to find further material. Occasionally within the commentary you may see a linked reference to another note; clicking on the link will bring up that note, after which you should return to where you were by clicking on the appropriate brown/underline text in the left frame.

You may possibly find it useful to print out the Latin text; this would give you a hard copy to carry with you for work away from your computer. If so, click the mouse button inside the frame where the text is displayed, and then print.

Important: Your browser should be used 'full screen'. Your computer's screen definition MUST be set to (at least) 800x600; colours should preferably be set to greater than 256 (ie. 'hi-colour'), although this is not critical.

To bring up the relevant work material, click on the appropriate link below:

[Introduction] [Lines 1-128] [Lines 129-278] [Lines 279-415] [Lines 416-553] [Lines 554-705]

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