Helen McMonagle
Helen McMonagle

Project Title: Sir Bruce Watson AC: a case study for Queensland’s mining industry, 1956-1991

Principal Advisor: Dr Geoff Ginn

Project Abstract: Sir Bruce Watson was a consummate Queensland business leader, first as Chairman of Mount Isa Mines Ltd (MIM) then as a Director of the National Australia Bank (NAB), and finally as a driving force behind corporate philanthropy in the late 1980s through to the 2000s.

Experiencing firsthand the rise of MIM as a dominant economic force in Queensland, the turbulent 1964-5 industrial relations years, and the role of both State and Federal governments in the Queensland mining industry, Sir Bruce’s life provides a unique case study through which to investigate the history of the Queensland mining history from his initial employment with MIM in 1956 through to his retirement in 1991.

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