What is honours?

Honours is an extra year of study on top of your undergraduate degree. It gives you the opportunity to really extend yourself, and to work much more independently on research projects in your chosen discipline.

Why should I think about doing honours? 

Honours is a really lovely year of intensive study in your field. It is challenging, and it is busy, but it is also very rewarding – finishing honours is a real achievement. By the end of the year, you will have honed your skills in research, critical analysis, problem-solving, and writing. And you will be much more employable.

What do students do with an honours degree?

Some of our students do honours because they're thinking seriously about postgraduate research study (and honours is usually an entrance requirement). Others do honours because they're interested in one more (fun) year of intensive study. And for some, an honours degree will help them stand out from the crowd as they look for jobs at the completion of their degree.

Can I combine study and paid work at honours level?

Yes, but there are limits. Honours is a busy year – most full-time students will write around 40,000 words between March and November. Many students do paid work at the same time, which is certainly possible if you are well organised and can manage your time. It’s all about getting the balance right. We do offer part-time enrolment for students with significant outside commitments, such as parenting, running a household or carer duties. Your discipline honours advisor can help you figure out your best option as you prepare your application.

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