Internationalisation occurs across the key areas of teaching and learning in the School, and includes the implementation of student and staff national and overseas mobility through exchange, as well as leadership in community engagement both within Australia and overseas. Embedded within the School curricula are the learning elements needed for students to build and develop their skills, attitudes and habits as global-minded citizens.
Complementing the School’s undergraduate programs are the international intensive study tour programs led by staff members from within the school that provide additional skill development and learning opportunities in a global setting. These study tour initiatives reflect the breadth of research and teaching within the School. During January-February, 2015 the School held one international study tour, the Classics study tour, ANCH2070: Sites and Museums of Roman Italy, led by Dr Janette McWilliam.
The RD Milns Antiquities Museum is a key feature of the School’s engagement with primary and secondary school students, university students, and the broader community through its teaching and learning and volunteer programs.
The School has a vibrant public lecture and seminar series that showcases national and international scholarly research in the areas of Classics, Religion, Philosophy and History. For example, July 2014 UQ Global Leadership Series The Great War and its Place in Australian History by Associate Professor Martin Crotty.
The School is active in the implementation of international links that provide ongoing benefits to students, staff and the broader community. The School is home to the Centre for the Government of Queensland. The Centre Director, Professor Peter Spearritt leads this Australian Research Council funded project, which most recently in conjunction with the Scholarly Publishing & Digitisation Service and the University of Queensland Library, has launched their new website: Text Queensland. Text Queensland is a free website presenting a unique and dynamic collection of full-text searchable, digitised sources on Queensland's colonial and state history. Text Queensland is published by the School, with support from the Queensland Government, in collaboration with a wide range of partners. It adds to the suite of websites produced by the Centre for the Government of Queensland including the Queensland Historical Atlas and Queensland Places.
The Summer Research Scholarships are an opportunity for undergraduate and some postgraduate students to get involved in an exciting research project within the School during the summer. During summer 2014-2015 the School offered the following Summer Research Scholarship projects:

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