Dr Greenwood
Dr Greenwood
Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: j.greenwood2@uq.edu.au
Nursing-RN, RM, RNT
Education-M.Ed., PhD
Research Interests:
Philosophy of emotion, mind, biology, language.
Current Research Project:
Ontogenesis and metaphysics of moral cognition.
Other Activities:
Academic Tutor in Philosophy, in Education and in Nursing, Emmanuel College, University of Queensland.
  • 2015 Becoming Human: The Ontogenesis, Metaphysics and Expression of Human Emotionality: Life and Mind Philosophy Series, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
Refereed Journal Articles
  • 2008 Greenwood J & Bonner A. The Role of Theory-Constitutive Metaphor in Nursing Science. Nursing Philosophy: 9, 154-168.
  • 2011 Contingent Transcranialism & Deep Cognitive Functional Integration: The Case of Human Emotional Ontogenesis. Philosophical Psychology, DOI.10.1080/095 150 89.2011.633752 1-17.
  • 2012 The Roles of Biology & Culture in Human Emotional Ontogenesis. Emotion Review, 14, 4, 423-431 (Recognised as “being of special interest to the field of psychology” by Psychology Progress).
  • 2013 Is Mind Extended or Scaffolded? Ruminations on Sterelney’s (2010) Extended Stomach. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, DOI 10.1007/s11097-013-9337-8.
Conference Presentations
  • 2011 Contingent Transcranialism and Human Emotional Ontogenesis. Paper presented to Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, July 3-8.

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