Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts

Project Title: Luce Irigaray and the Philosophical Significance of Sexual Difference

Principal Advisor: Dr Michelle Boulous Walker

Project Abstract: My research explores Luce Irigaray's philosophy of sexual difference. In her more recent work Luce Irigaray offers practical strategies that bring thought and matter into a new relationship, a relationship that emphasises the importance of the passage between nature and culture, a logic that does not allow either term to be sacrificed. In particular, for Luce Irigaray, to talk of racial difference as opposed to sexual difference is to remain within a traditional binary logic of us/them. To talk about any 'difference' in general immediately sets up an us/them binary which if we are to move forward as a society, we must upset. In Between East and West, Irigaray presents us with an alternative way to understand 'differences among women'. And, I argue, it is Luce Irigaray's own personal engagement with yoga and eastern philosophy that ultimately offers a unique opening into this discussion.

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