Dr Fundic
Dr Fundic
Honorary Research Fellow

PhD in History and Archaeology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2013)
Contact Details:
Email: l.fundic@uq.edu.au
Email: leonela.fundic@gmail.com
Research Interests:
Early Christian Archeology and Art, Mediaeval Archeology and Art, Mediaeval History and Culture, Mediterranean Archeology, Epigraphy, Art and Identity in Byzantium, Art and Patronage in Byzantium, Byzantine Sigillography, Byzantine Scultpure, Byzantine Numismatics, Serbian Mediaeval Art, Principality of Epiros.
Current Research Interests:
History and Art of Medieval Greece, Mediterranean Archeology, Art and History in Seventh Century.
Current Research Projects:
  • Art and Political Ideology in the Principality of Epirus during the Reign of the Komnenos-Doukas family (1204–1318).
  • Negotiating Religious Conflict through Letters in the Seventh Century, An Era of Crisis.
  • Corpus of Byzantine Wall Paintings of the Eastern Crete (Greece)
Selected Recent Publications:
  • “Art and Political Ideology in the State of Epiros During the Reign of Theodore Doukas (r. 1215-1230)”, Byzantina Symmeikta 23 (2013) 217- 250.
  • “Picturing Jesus’ Childhood: Some Examples of a Rare Iconographic Theme Inspired by the Infancy Gospels”, Zograf, Revue d' art médiévale 37 (2013)(forthcoming)
  • Stauroproskynēsis: An Iconographic Theme and Its Context”, The Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society 34 (2013), in collaboration with Dr. Michael Kappas, 141-156.
  • “The Image ‘Not Made by Human Hands’ and Its Dogmatic and Liturgical Context”, In: Serbian Theology Today 2011. Proceedings of the Third Annual Symposium held at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, 27 - 28 May 2011, Belgrade 2012, 460-467.
  • “The Wall Paintings in the Thirteenth-Century Church of St. Nicholas tes Rhodias Near Arta: A Contribution to the Study of its Iconographic Program and Style”, Zograf, Revue d' art médiévale 34 (2010) 87-110.
  • “Byzantine Sculpture from the Archeological Museum of Tripolis”, The Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society 30 (2009) 141-148.
Other Activities and Service:
  • Associate researcher at the Centre for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University
  • Associate researcher at the Southern Euboea Exploration Project (SEEP) in charge of examination and recording of Byzantine Christian monuments in Southern Euboea, Greece
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the Australian Association for Byzantine Studies 18th Biennial Conference, 28-30 November 2014, University of Queensland

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