Lex McMillan
Lex McMillan

Project Title: Persons human and divine, and therapy

Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Neil Pembroke

Project Abstract: The social and relational metaphors associated with the postmodern turn in therapy, and the trinitarian turn in Christian theology, appear to provide common ground for integrating theological and social scientific conceptualisations of people and wellbeing. This study specifically considers narrative therapy from the perspective of trinitarian theological anthropology using a critical correlation methodology. The aim is to contribute to the development of counselling practices that are critically theorised and effective in terms of their capacity to develop experiences of wellbeing based on interpersonal communion.

Other: I work as a relationship therapist and a counsellor educator and my engagement in these two arenas feed my research interests in the development of research-informed counselling practices, and particularly in the area of integration of Christian theological and social scientific understandings about what it means to be human and to experience wellness. My current research interests are focused on considering personhood from social and relational perspectives, and drawing into critical correlation social insights from theology and counselling.

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