Mark Cryle
Mark Cryle
Project Title: The Making of “The One Day of the Year”: the Origins of Anzac Day and the Anzac Legend to 1919
Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Project Abstract: Anzac Day is arguably Australia’s pre-eminent national commemoration. Why and how did it assert itself so potently in the Australian national psyche? The nature of the commemoration and its national significance have shifted since the Gallipoli landing in April 1915. Through an examination of public discourses around Anzac, this thesis provides a cultural history of the event, tracing its genealogy and commemoration in schools, churches and literature to 1919.
A night in the JOL: the Queensland homefront, 1914–1918:  Historians Professor Raymond Evans and Mr Mark Cryle in conversation with Ian Townsend discuss the deep-seated social conflicts that intensified under the stress of wartime conditions.

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