Dr Matt Farr
Dr Matt Farr


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Contact Details:

Office: E335, Forgan Smith Building (1)
Phone: +61 7 3365 2613
Email: m.farr@uq.edu.au
Website: mattfarr.co.uk


PhD in Philosophy, University of Bristol
MA in Philosophy, University of Bristol
BA in Philosophy, University of Southampton


PHIL3612: Advanced Topics in Metaphysics

Teaching/Supervision Areas:

Metaphysics; Philosophy of physics; Philosophy of science; Epistemology.

Research Interests:

Philosophy of time; causation; philosophy of physics; quantum foundations; scientific realism.

Current Research Interests:

I work on conceptual issues concerning time, causation and explanation, particularly what it means for time to 'have a direction' and what this has to do with various time symmetries and asymmetries in philosophy and physics. I have some unusual views on the distinction between past, present and future (including a stubborn belief that the past is as 'open' as the future), and an interest in novel perspectives on standard philosophical problems offered by quantum foundations.

Current Research Projects:

I currently work on the project ‘The Causal Power of Information in a Quantum World’, run by Phil Dowe, Gerard Milburn and Andrew White. Within this project, my research concerns the role of causal structure and causal models within quantum foundations, especially with respect to implications for the directionality of time.

Recent Publications:

These are listed at: mattfarr.co.uk.

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