Dr Quanchi
Dr Quanchi
Honorary Research Senior Fellow
Contact Details:
School of Social Sciences, USP, Suva, Fiji
Phone: 679-3232629
Mobile: 8609146
Email: quanchi_a@usp.ac.fj
TPTC (Frankston)
BAHons (Monash)
MA (Monash)
PhD (UQ)
Research Interests:
  • Pacific History
  • History of Photography
  • Australia-Pacific relations
Current Research Projects:
Recent research undertaken, 2009-2014
  1. 2010-2014; Rabi Island Commemoration 1945-2012, this had led to several conference papers and staff seminars, and an essay being submitted to The Contemporary Pacific (currently under review) Supported in 2011 by a FALE Research grant.
  2. 2010-2013; Decolonising Fiji History – revising the FLSC Curriculum (with Morgan Tuimaleali’ifano). Funded by SOSS and FALE.
  3. 2012-2013; West Papua decolonization; this is a continuing research interest, and led to a research visit to Timika/Tembakapuru, West Papua, January 2011 (Self-funded), a USP Library display, a Paper at Political Studies Association conference (PIPSA), NUS, July 2013, and papers at SOSS Staff seminars, and at the 2013 Media Studies Conference, USP.
  4. 2012; Thomas McMahon as a photojournalist; for the Early History of Photography conference, Melbourne Uni (Dec 2012) Self-funded. Published as: “Thomas McMahon’s Pacific neighbours; an early Australian photojournalist”, in Shifting Focus: Colonial Australian Photography 1850-1920, edited by Anne Maxwell and Josephine Croci, Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2014, 218-29.
  5. 2007-2010; Australian illustrated newspapers; The Sydney Mail (with Stacey Graham) this follows a similar research project (with Hannah Perkins) in 2007-2009 on the Queenslander (Brisbane) Supported in 2009-2010 both projects funded by a QUT Summer Research Grant.
  6. 2011-2012; Norman Hardy’s Melanesia paintings 1898; this led to a paper at the AAAPS conference, April 2012 and a staff seminar, SOSS, May 2012. Published in the Journal of Pacific History, August 2014.
  7. 2012; Photography archives held in New Caledonia (with Kathleen Hawkes); this had led to two journal articles published in the Journal of Pacific History, (2013) and the History of Photography, and a staff seminar (Funded by FALE).
  8. 2012-2014: Connecting Moana – the prehistories of Oceania (Morgan Tuimaleali’ifano, USP, Tamatoa Bambridge, Uni of Polynesia-CRIOLE, and Bernard Rigo, University of New Caledonia, with Paul D’Arcy, ANU); this regional research and course development network and led to an online History course for the region in 2014. Supported by the French Pacific Fund ($FJD58000), FALE ($FJD25000) and the TOTAL Foundation (USA, $FJD200000).
  9. 2014-2015; Photography and the Pacific; This book-length project has been submitted to Reaktion Publishers for consideration (contract forthcoming).
  10. Research Collaboration across Disciplines
This is my research strength as the two fields, Pacific Island histories and the History of Photography, are by their nature inter-disciplinary. This is best indicated by my most recent papers at international symposia and conferences 2012-2014; for example,
  • on the artist Norman Hardy at the Pacific History Conference at VUW in 2012;
  • on the “Photo-journalist TJ McMahon” at the Early Australian Photography conference at Uni of Melbourne in 2013;
  • on “Travel, Tourism and illustrated Middlebrow Literature” at a symposia at JCU, Cairns in 2013;
  • on “1898 and USA’s Pacific empire’ at a Crossing Boundaries and USA Empire conference at Griffith in July 2014;
  • on “Commemoration of Pacific islanders in WW1 at the Sydney Ideas festival, University of Sydney in April 2014;
I have researched and published interdisciplinary works on, drawing in each instance on several disciplines, for example, on
  • photo-journalists in the Pacific,
  • photographers,
  • artists,
  • Townsville as a maritime hub,
  • the WWII artist Robert Emmerson Curtis,
  • French settlers in New Caledonia,
  • Pan-Pacific unity in Australia’s Pacific Islander population,
  • Sydney’s Sydney Mail,
  • The documentary 1942 Saving Australia,
  • A two-part doco Ghosts of War (for Discovery Channel USA)
  • Suraji (a historical film).
Selected Recent Publications:
  • Quanchi, Alan M. and Robson, J. (2009) The A to Z of the discovery and exploration of the Pacific Islands. Scarecrow Press, Lanham, Maryland, United States. ISBN: 9780810868304, 081086830X
  • Quanchi M, 2010, with Samantha Rose and Hannah Perkins, Topics for Pacific History, Brisbane: PHA/AAAPS (an eBook, at www.aaaps.edu.au)
  • Quanchi M , 2011, with Susan Cochrane, eds, Hunting the collectors: Pacific collections in Australian Museums, Galleries and Archives, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1847180841, ISBN-10: 1847180841
  • Quanchi M , 2014, et.,al, Pearson History 8 Student Book, Melbourne: Pearson Australia, ISBN: 9781442523388
Book Chapters
  • Quanchi, Alan M. (2010) “Merl La Voy: an American photographer in the south seas”, in Coast to Coast: Case Histories of Modern Pacific Crossings. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 117-137. ISBN: 1443823953, 9781443823951
  • Quanchi M, 2014, “Thomas McMahon’s Pacific neighbours; an early Australian photojournalist”, in Shifting Focus: Colonial Australian Photography 1850-1920, edited by Anne Maxwell and Josephine Croci, Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2014, 218-29
  • Quanchi M, 2013, “Photography and History in the Pacific Islands” in A glimpse into paradise; Historical photographs of Oceania, edited by Wulf Kopke and Bernd Schmeiz, Hamburg: Museum Volkerkunde, 67-86 ISBN: 978-3-944193-01-4
  • Quanchi M, 2010, “Photographic Representations of Pacific Peoples” in Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, edited by Joanne B. Eicher, New York: Berg, 243-51 ISBN: 978-1-84788-104-5
  • Quanchi M, 2011, “Towards a History of Photography in Oceania”, in Early New Zealand photography: Images and essays, edited by Angela Wanhalla and Erika Wolf, Dunedin, University of Otago Press, 166-7 ISBN: 978-1-877578-16-8
  • Quanchi M, 2012, “It’s our turn to give orders: Walkabout’s view of a nation in the making” in Living history and evolving democracy, edited by Ted Wolfers, Ron Crocombe and Ian Maddocks, Port Moresby: UPNG Press, 110-116 ISBN: 9980939702, 978998093970
Book Reviews or Scholarly Comments
  • Quanchi, Alan M. (2013) Review of; Light on darkness? Missionary photography of Africa in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The American Historical Review, 118 (3): 976-977
  • Quanchi, Alan M. (2011) Review of; Govor, E. (ed.), 2010, twelve days at Nuka Hiva: Russian encounters and mutiny in the South Pacific. Contemporary Pacific, 23 (1): 258
  • Quanchi, Max. (2011) Review of; Jolly, M., Tcherkézoff, S. and Tryon, D. (eds.), 2009, Oceanic encounters: exchange, desire and violence. Pacific Affairs, 84 (2)
  • Quanchi, Max. (2010) Review of; The Pacific, seas in history. The Journal of Pacific History, 45 (1): 160-161
  • Quanchi M. (2012) “Drua”, Journal of Pacific History, 48 (3): 230-33
  • Quanchi M. (2014) “The echo of things”, College Arts Association Review, August 2014 (21): 1-3 (at www.caareviews.org/reviews/2213/)
  • Quanchi M. (2010) Review of; Violence and Colonial dialogue; the Australian Pacific Indentured Labour trade by Tracey Banivanua-Mar, Journal of Social History, Summer 2010: 62-3
  • Quanchi M. (2013) Review of; Oceania under steel, by Frances Steel, South Pacific Journal of History Philosophy and Religion, Dec 2013: 67-69
Journal Articles
  • Quanchi, Max. (2014) Norman H. Hardy: Book Illustrator and Artist. The Journal of Pacific History, 49 (2): 214-233
  • Quanchi, Max. (2013) Australia (not) in the Pacific. Agora, 48 (2): 28-35
  • Quanchi, Max. and Hawkes, Kathleen (2013) Photography Collections of the Archives of New Caledonia. The Journal of Pacific History, 48 (1): 484-493
  • Quanchi, Max. and Boglio, J.L. (2010) Compelled to record my impressions: an artist’s view of the Pacific shipping world. Pacific Arts, 1 (9): 23-29
  • Quanchi, Max. (2011) The Long View, Journal of Pacific History, 46 (2): 165-175
  • Quanchi, Alan M. (2010), New and emerging histories, Agora, Dec 2010: 76-81

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