Dr Ivanova
Dr Ivanova
Honorary Research Fellow
Contact Details:
Email: m.ivanova@uq.edu.au
Further Information:
Milena Ivanova completed her MA (2007) in the HPS department at the University of Athens, and PhD in Philosophy (2013) at the University of Bristol. Before becoming a postdoctoral fellow in the MCMP, she lectured philosophy of science in the HPS department at the University of Sydney and was a visiting fellow at the University of Queensland.
Research Interests:
Milena works on issues in philosophy of science and epistemology, in particular on the nature of scientific principles, the problem of theory change and its rationality, and on the aesthetics of science. Her research is closely connected to the history of philosophy of science and, in particular, the relationship between science and philosophy in the early twentieth century. Some of her more recent work concerns the relationship between philosophy of science and virtue epistemology.
Further Activities:
Milena organised an international conference on “Conventional Principles in Science” (2011) hosted by the University of Bristol. She is currently editing the proceedings of the conference, which will appear as a special issue of Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics.
Milena was awarded a British Society for the Philosophy of Science Studentship (2009), a Royal Institute of Philosophy Jacobsen Fellowship (2009, 2011), a Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship (2006), and an Analysis conference grant (2011).
Selected Recent and Forthcoming Publications:
All of Milena’s papers are available at http://www.milenaivanova.co.uk
  • Ivanova, M. (forthcoming) Conventionalism, Structuralism and neo-Kantianism in Poincaré's Philosophy of Science, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
  • Ivanova, M. (2014) Is There a Place for Epistemic Virtues in Theory Choice?, Virtue Scientia: Bridges Between Virtue Epistemology and Philosophy of Science (Abrol Fairweather ed.), Synthese Library, Vol. 366, pp. 207-226
  • Ivanova, M. and Paternotte, C. (2013) Theory Choice, Good Sense and Social Consensus, Erkenntnis, Vol. 78 (5), pp. 1109-1132
  • Ivanova, M. (2013) Did Perrin's Experiments Convert Poincaré to Scientific Realism?, HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science, Vol. 3, No. 1

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