The following School staff members received one or more ‘Most Effective Lecturer Nominations’ from Dean’s Commendation Students for their teaching.

Semester 2, 2015

Dr Luca Asmonti (ANCH2280)
Professor Alastair Blanshard (GREK2120)
Dr Adam Bowles (RELA2011)
Dr Caillan Davenport (ANCH6920)
Dr Dominic Hyde (PHIL6005)
Dr Patrick Jory (HIST2107)
Associate Professor Tom Stevenson (ANCH3030)


Semester 1, 2015

Dr Tom Aechtner (RELN1510)
Dr Luca Asmonti (ANCH1240, ANCH2030)
Professor Alastair Blanshard (ANCH1240)
Dr Michelle Boulous Walker (PHIL1002)
Dr Adam Bowles (RELN2110)
Dr Shirin Jamarani (RELN1000)
Dr Patrick Jory (HIST2119)
Dr Julian Lamont (PHIL2330)
Dr Chris Malone (ANCH2230, LATN1110)
Dr Janette McWilliam (LATN1110)
Associate Professor Neil Pembroke (RELN1001)
Dr Karin Sellberg (HIST2030)
Dr Sylvie Shaw (RELN2110)


Semester 2, 2014

Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell (HIST2408)
Dr Gilbert Burgh (PHIL6005)
Dr Caillan Davenport (ANCH1250, LATN2240)
Dr Geoff Ginn (HIST2405)
Mr Martyn Lloyd (PHIL1002)
Dr Dolly MacKinnon (HIST6700)
Dr Chris Malone (ANCH1250, ANCH2110)
Professor Clive Moore (HIST2245)
Dr Eleanor Morecroft (HIST2411)
Mr David Parsons (PHIL2110)
Associate Professor Neil Pembroke (RELN1001)
Dr Leigh Penman (RELN1510)
Dr Jonathan Richards (HIST1601)
Dr Sylvie Shaw (RELN1000)
Dr Tom Stevenson (GREK2120)


Semester 1, 2014

Dr Adam Bowles (RELN2301)
Dr Gilbert Burgh (PHIL7990)
Dr Caillan Davenport (ANCH2130)
Associate Professor Chris Dixon (HIST6701)
Dr Patrick Jory (HIST2119)
Mr Murray Kane (GREK6640)
Mr Martyn Lloyd (PHIL1002)
Professor Clive Moore (HIST1201)
Dr Tom Stevenson (ANCH2013, GREK1110)


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