March 2016: Associate Professor Dolly MacKinnon
Liner notes for Latitude 37's CD Royal Consorts, Limelight


10.07.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Voters can face the grim truth, The Australian
13.06.2015: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Cyprus: An Island and a People, Neos Kosmos
02.06.2015: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Big city trip for history students, Stanthorpe Border Post 
21.04.2015: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
How can we regard Gallipoli as the 'birth' of our nation, our coming of age, when it was a national tragedy
20.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Democracy means telling us the truth, The Advertiser
14.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Balancing the budget - the ancient Greek perspective, Neos Kosmos
04.02.2015: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interviewed for article on recognition of article reviewers, The Australian Higher Education Supplement


23.04.2014: Kate Ariotti


31.07.2013-06.08.2013: Mark Cryle
20-21.07.2013: Professor Clive Moore
20.04.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Helen Velissaris' article on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
07.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Mary Adamopolou's report on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
02.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard


18.12.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
30.09.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
24.08.12: Helen McMonagle (Ipswich Local History Scholarship student)
18.08.2012: Dr David Pritchard
02.07.2012: Dr David Pritchard
26.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
07.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
04.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
28.03.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
28.03.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
27.03.2012: Dr Patrick Jory


03.09.2011: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
01.08.2011: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
01.06.2011: Dr Patrick Jory
01.01.2011: Dr Gilbert Burgh

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