03.09.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Opinion: Australia's imperative to fight in World War II, The Courier Mail
03.09.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Marking 75th anniversary of World War II, Herald Sun
27.08.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Written in stone: Memorials tell of life in ancient times, Brisbane News (page 28)
23.06.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Carpe diem and enjoy Latin's return to class, Your Say, The Courier Mail
19.05.2014: Professor Clive Moore
South Sea Islanders panel discussion held successfully by Peter Iroga, Solomon Star
24.04.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Don't let truth be a casualty of Gallipoli, The Courier Mail
23.04.2014: Kate Ariotti
Another Side of ANZAC, The Courier Mail


15.08.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Islanders Wronged by AWU and Others, The Australian
31.07.2013-06.08.2013: Mark Cryle
Mark Cryle: Historian, Songwriter, Brisbane News (page 10-11)
20-21.07.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Spirited Away, Q Weekend
23.06.2013: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
There are plenty of activities to keep kids happy in Brisbane, Ipswich and elsewhere these school holidays, The Courier Mail - over 500 people visited the Museum in a two week period.
20.04.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Helen Velissaris' article on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
Festivals or war: what would you put your money on?, Neos Kosmos (page 18)
Festivals or war: what would you put your money on?, Neos Kosmos (page 19)
April 2013: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
RD Milns Museum, Alumni News: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc.
April 2013: The Friends of Antiquity
Friends of Antiquity, Alumni News: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc.
31.03.2013: Dr Janette McWilliam, RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Golden oldies: Devotees of history love their mummies, The Courier Mail
07.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Mary Adamopolou's report on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
Δεν ξόδευαν πολλα για γιορτές και πανηγύρια, Ta Nea (They did not spend too much on holidays and festivals)
02.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard
Lessons from the Ancient Olympics, Kathimerini


18.12.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
The US 'pivot to Asia' and the political crisis in Thailand, East Asia Forum
30.09.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
The Props of Madness, Discovery at UQ 2012 (pages 6-7)
01.09.2012: Professor Clive Moore
JCU Outstanding Alumni Awards, Townsville Bulletin
24.08.12: Helen McMonagle (Ipswich Local History Scholarship student)
Wartime food rations proved healthy move, Queensland Times
18.08.2012: Dr David Pritchard
The way Ancient Greece idolised Olympic victors shows a way we could benefit from Games, Neos Kosmos
14.08.2012 Dr David Pritchard
The way the ancient Greeks idolised Olympic victors gives fresh insights into how we benefit from the Games, The Advertiser
02.07.2012: Dr David Pritchard
Lessons from the Ancient Olympics, Contact: University of Queensland
03.06.2012: Professor Clive Moore
Transit of Venus a treat for astronomy buffs, Bayside Bulletin
26.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
Paying your way to the Olympics, Neos Kosmos
07.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
What is the point of Olympic Glory?, Herald Sun
04.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
Paying your way to the Olympics, The Courier Mail
15.04.2012: Professor Clive Moore
The Weight of the World, Daily Telegraph
28.03.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
Museum sheds light on history, Caboolture News
28.03.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
Historian tells story of abbey and its founder, Sunshine Coast Daily
27.03.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
Thailand's constitutional reform in changing times, East Asia Forum


03.09.2011: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
A Question of identity, The Saturday Age: Good Weekend
01.08.2011: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
Developing online stories from our 'Museums of Madness,' Research Review: The University of Melbourne
01.06.2011: Dr Patrick Jory
End the Gag on Thailand's Citizens, The Wall Street Journal
01.01.2011: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Talking art and stuff, Ipswich News

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