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29.01.2016: Peter Ellerton
Why would anyone believe the earth is flat?, The Conversation
07.01.2016: Peter Ellerton
What does it mean to think and could a machine ever do it?, The Conversation


24.12.2015: Peter Ellerton
How to unwrap Christmas and Santa for the little athiests in your life, The Conversation
21.12.2015: Peter Ellerton
04.12.2015: Samuel Finch
The German migrant story holds lessons for Australia's Muslim community today, The Conversation
01.12.2015: Mr Ian Kemish
Student is Fiji-bound on New Colombo Plan fellowship, UQ News
27.11.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning and Damian Doyle
Lebanese-style power-sharing isn’t the solution to the Syrian impasse, The Conversation
26.11.2015: Associate Professor Deborah Brown and Peter Ellerton
UQ launches free online philosophy and English courses, UQ News
21.11.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Politics, economics and security: Implications of Metrojet Flight 9268, Daily Sabah
29.10.2015: Sheilagh O'Brien
Witches of Westeros: using and subverting the witch trope in Game of Thrones, The Conversation
28.10.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Time for the West to take off the blinkers in Syria, Daily Sabah
15.10.2015: Professor Alastair Blanshard
History teaches us nothing can stop Bridezilla, UQ Alumni News
An edited excerpt from a lecture ‘Lessons from the Ancient Past for Contemporary Australia’ presented as part of UQ’s Global Leadership Series
09.10.2015: Ana Stevenson
The suffragettes were rebels, certainly, but not slaves, The Conversation
02.10.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Les leçons budgétaires de la démocratie athénienne antique, The Conversation (French edition)
10.09.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning and Damian Doyle
A brave new Iraq? It starts with tackling corruption and rebuilding state legitimacy, The Conversation
27.08.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Is peace between Hamas and Israel possible? Tony Blair seems to think so, The Conversation
19.08.2015: Peter Ellerton
Teaching how to think is just as important as teaching anything else, The Conversation
18.08.2015: Emeritus Professor Robert Milns
Greek Culture Center Seminar: 'Greeks in the Service of the Ottoman Empire', seminar to be held 20.08.2015
11.08.2015: Peter Ellerton
The politics of fear have trumped the politics of courage - more's the pity, The Conversation
08.08.2015: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
'Madness in Civilisation review: Andrew Scull's sweeping coverage and dark wit', reviewed by Dolly MacKinnon, The Age, also published in The Sydney Morning Herald, and Brisbane Times
03.08.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Turkey strikes back: the political ploy behind attacking both Kurdish and Islamic State forces, The Conversation
20.07.2015: Dr Caillan Davenport
What's in a name? Atticus Finch and his Roman forebears, The Conversation
14.07.2015: Peter Ellerton
Some useful tips on how to raise an argumentative child, The Conversation
10.07.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Greek voters can face the grim truth, The Australian
15.06.2015: Peter Ellerton
This is why you will lose your argument, The Conversation
09.06.2015: Dr Geoff Ginn
Student to explore Club's rich History, UQ News
03.06.2015: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Exhibition celebrates Brisbane Cypriot community’s ancient heritage, UQ News
29.05.2015: Peter Ellerton
Working together for critical thinking in schools, The Conversation
20.05.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Osamacide, ‘justice’ and the deadly legacy of Bin Laden, The Conversation
18.05.2015: Associate Professor Richard Hutch
Richard Hutch: Memories of the US civil rights movement, Brisbane Times
18.05.2015: Associate Professor Richard Hutch
King's dream changed many lives, UQ News
15.05.2015: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Multiple museums at UQ to mark world celebrations, UQ News
11.05.2015: Peter Ellerton
Why politicians don't want us to think, but opinions are okay, The Conversation
26.04.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
The Gallipoli centenary: An Australian perspective, Daily Sabah
22.04.2015: Professor Alastair Blanshard
After Avengers: Age of Ultron, we really don't need another hero, The Conversation
22.04.2015: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
How can we regard Gallipoli as the 'birth' of our nation, our coming of age, when it was a national tragedy, The Courier Mail
07.04.2015: Dr Chris Salisbury
Can the states help the nation's critical research infrastructure?, The Conversation
27.03.2015: Liam Miller
20.03.2015: Associate Professor Deborah Brown, Solid Pathways
Indigenous students learn 'deadly' skills from the best, UQ News
19.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Balancing the budget - the ancient Greek perspective, Neos Kosmos
13.03.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Rising tide of demographic change spells trouble across Middle East, The Conversation
09.03.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Israel's Identity Crisis, Daily Sabah
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
If ancient Greeks could balance a budget, why can't we?, The Age
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
If ancient Greeks could balance a budget, why can't we?, The Sydney Morning Herald
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
If ancient Greeks could balance a budget, why can't we?, Brisbane Times
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
If ancient Greeks could balance a budget, why can't we?, The Canberra Times
05.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Balancing the Greek budget: The ancient Athenian perspective, Ekathimerini
23.02.2015: Dr Chris Salisbury
History's lesson for Queensland: a slim majority is enough to be bold, The Conversation
20.02.2015: Dr Patrick Jory
Does US pressure really risk driving Thailand into China’s arms?, The Conversation
13.02.2015: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Conversing with the divine - why we still need our muses, The Conversation
07.02.2015: Dr Chris Salisbury
Asset leases played role in massive swing, Bundaberg News Mail
04.02.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
The Great War that never ended, Daily Sabah
23.01.2015: Dr Patrick Jory
Thailand's Military Junta Impeaches and Bans Former Prime Minister Yingluck, Bloomberg
21.01.2015: Dr Patrick Jory
Thailand expert suggests Yingluck impeachment intended to weaken political parties, electoral system, BBC Thai
21.01.2015: Dr Chris Salisbury
Queensland Election: Alan Jones, Chris David hitting harder than Labor, Brisbane Times
20.01.2015: School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
UQ experts help voters find their direction, UQ News
12.01.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Charlie Hedbo, death and double standards in the West, Daily Sabah 


18.12.2014: Peter Ellerton
11.12.2014: Mr Ian Kemish (introduced at around 01:24:15, 11am ceremony)
11.12.2014: Joanna Timms
27.11.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard (Sam Fimis' article on Professor Blanshard's Inaugural Professorial Lecture)
21.11.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
19.11.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
14.11.2014: Peter Ellerton
13.11.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
29.10.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard, Inaugural Dr Paul Eliadis Chair of Classics and Ancient History
Why the Ancient Greeks Matter, Alumni & Community
Quantum Learning, Discovery at UQ 2014 (page 14)
08.10.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
02.10.2014: Mr Ian Kemish
2014 UQ Alumni Awards Recipients, Alumni & Communities
02.10.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
26.08.2014: Mr Ian Kemish AM
Interviewed for article on impact of Edward Snowden's affair in Germany, Sydney Morning Herald
12.08.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
30.07.2014: Romain Fathi
Remebering French-Australian wartime connections, Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences
28.07.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
17.07.2014: Peter Ellerton
Reinventing philosophy as a way of life, Monash University Arts News
18.06.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
12.06.2014: Romain Fathi
Classical Answers, Contact Magazine
13.05.2014: Peter Ellerton
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
24.04.2014: Romain Fathi
23.04.2014: Peter Ellerton
22.04.2014: Henry Martyn Lloyd
10.04.2014: Dr Gilbert Burgh
10.04.2014: Romain Fathi
Find out more about your WWI artefacts, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
29.03.2014: Dr Gilbert Burgh
31.01.2014: Peter Ellerton
24.01.2014: Dr David Pritchard
16.01.2014: Peter Ellerton
January 2014: State Library of Queensland


06.08.2013: Mark Cryle
Show stoppers, Brisbane News, July 31-August 6 2013, Issue 942 (pages 10-11)
23.07.2013: Peter Ellerton
18.07.2013: David Andersen
15.07.2013: Dr Melissa Bellanta
There are plenty of activities to keep kids happy in Brisbane, Ipswich and elsewhere these school holidays - over 500 people visited the Museum in a two week period, The Courier Mail
Winter 2013: Dr Paul Eliadis
A Man of Many Passions, Contact Magazine
History in the Making, Contact Magazine
31.05.2013: The Bird's Blog
06.05.2013: Dr Paul Eliadis Chair in Classics and Ancient History
01.05.2013: Peter Ellerton
24.04.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Helen Velissaris' article on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
April 2013: Dr Christine Winter
Über Professor Hank Nelson: Erinnerungen; Remembering Hank Nelson, ANU Channel (online Festschrift recording)
07.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Mary Adamopolou's report on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
Δεν ξόδευαν πολλα για γιορτές και πανηγύρια (They did not spend too much on holidays and festivals), Ta Nea
01.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard
27.02.2013: Dr David Pritchard
18.01.2013: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Spray cans at the ready, Ipswich, The Queensland Times


25.10.2012: Jackie Ryan
10.10.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
Nation, Religion, King Ep3 (Panel discussion on a webcast organized by the Australian National University about the Thai Monarchy)
30.09.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
The Props of Madness, Discovery at UQ 2012 (pages 6-7)
20.08.2012: Dr David Pritchard
11.08.2012: Peter Ellerton
27.07.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
06.07.2012: Dr Tom Stevenson
29.06.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
29.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
28.05.2012: Peter Ellerton
23.05.2012: Peter Ellerton
11.05.2012: Peter Ellerton
27.04.2012: Dr Amelia Brown
26.04.2012: Peter Ellerton
23.04.2012: Kate Walton


18.11.2011: Dr Sylvie Shaw


10.12.2010: Dr Kriston Rennie
22.11.2010: Dr Sylvie Shaw
29.10.2010: Dr Amelia Brown




21.02.2008: Dr Gilbert Burgh










21.10.2002: Dr Geoff Ginn
02.05.2002: Dr Geoff Ginn






06.10.1998: Dr Gilbert Burgh



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