18.12.2014: Peter Ellerton
How to teach all students to think critically, The Conversation
11.12.2014: Mr Ian Kemish (introduced at around 01:24:15, 11am ceremony)
Graduation Videos December 2014, UQ Graduations
11.12.2014: Joanna Timms
Posthumous degree a tribute to dedication and support, UQ News
10.12.2014: Dr Janette McWilliam
UQ teachers reap national recognition, UQ News
27.11.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard (Sam Fimis' article on Professor Blanshard's Inaugural Professorial Lecture)
Why the ancient Greeks matter, Neos Kosmos
24.11.2014: Associate Professor Deborah Brown, Peter Ellerton, Solid Pathways
Indigenous program on track for success, UQ News
21.11.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
Israel's policy on statehood merits the same scrutiny as Hamas gets, The Conversation
19.11.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
Understanding Thailand's Monarchy Problem, IPI Global Observatory
14.11.2014: Peter Ellerton
How an approach to science helps define the political centre, The Conversation
13.11.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
Turkey has its own good reasons for not intervening in Kobane, The Conversation
06.11.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
A Study in Stone: The History of Epigraphy - Curatorial video 3, YouTube
29.10.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard, Inaugural Dr Paul Eliadis Chair of Classics and Ancient History
Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Why the Ancient Greeks Matter, You Tube
29.10.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Why the Ancient Greeks Matter, Alumni & Community
22.10.2014: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Two rounds enough: ERA does more harm than good, The Australian
October 2014: Associate Professor Phil Dowe
Quantum Learning, Discovery at UQ 2014 (page 14)
08.10.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
An ailing king and succession intrigue put coup leaders on edge, The Conversation
06.10.2014: Peter Ellerton
The ironclad logic of conspiracy theories and how to break it, The Conversation
02.10.2014: Mr Ian Kemish
2014 UQ Alumni Awards Recipients, Alumni & Communities
02.10.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
Why the Hamas charter isn't a key obstacle to peace with Israel, The Conversation
16.09.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
A Study in Stone: The History of Epigraphy - Curatorial video 2, YouTube
15.09.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
The history of forgetting, from shellshock to PTSD, Hindsight, ABC Radio National
03.09.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Opinion: Australia's imperative to fight in World War II, The Courier Mail
03.09.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Marking 75th anniversary of World War II, Herald Sun
28.08.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
A Study in Stone: The History of Epigraphy - Curatorial video 1, YouTube
27.08.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Written in stone: Memorials tell of life in ancient times, Brisbane News (page 28)
27.08.2014: Friends of Antiquity and discipline of Classics and Ancient History
Beating, starvation and murder - childhood was tough in ancient times, UQ News
26.08.2014: Mr Ian Kemish AM
UQ to celebrate outstanding alumni, UQ News
22.08.2014: School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
UQ's Relationship with Turkey's Hacettepe University Continues to Deepen, UQ International
20.08.2014: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interviewed for article on impact of Edward Snowden's affair in Germany, Sydney Morning Herald
12.08.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
The world's most tragic, long-running farce: the Gaza conflict, The Conversation
30.07.2014: Romain Fathi
Remebering French-Australian wartime connections, Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences
29.07.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Hercules, body envy and the challenge of being man, The Conversation
28.07.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
'Independent' Kurds need Baghdad more than they'd like, The Conversation
17.07.2014: Peter Ellerton
The problem of false balance when reporting on science, The Conversation
16.07.2014: Dr Aurelia Armstrong
Reinventing philosophy as a way of life, Monash University Arts News
18.06.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
China is a big winnder from Thailand's coup, East Asia Forum
12.06.2014: Romain Fathi
War history lingers in faulty shell, UQ News
08.06.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Ancient times come to life in UQ exhibit Study in Stone, Brisbane Times
04.06.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Tombstones bring ancient dead to life, UQ News
Winter 2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Classical Answers, Contact Magazine
27.05.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Implementation of online marking at HPRC, UQ eLearning
27.05.2014: School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics
UQ Instructors Cut Paper by Marking Online, UQ Sustainability
13.05.2014: Peter Ellerton
Why facts alone don't change minds in our big public debates, The Conversation
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
Anzac Day: Australia's first World War I victory in the Pacific 'boring', almost forgotten, ABC News
24.04.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Don't let truth be a casualty of Gallipoli, The Courier Mail
24.04.2014: Romain Fathi
Remembering French-Australian wartime connections, UQ News
23.04.2014: Peter Ellerton
Brandis confuses right to be heard with right to be taken seriously, The Conversation
22.04.2014: Henry Martyn Lloyd
Brandis misses the finer points of free speech, The Drum
10.04.2014: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Ugly traffic signal boxes the perfect canvas to Colour our City, The Queensland Times
10.04.2014: Romain Fathi
Find out more about your WWI artefacts, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
29.03.2014: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Colour our city: Ipswich to become a gallery of artwork, The Queensland Times
28.03.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Greek History Classes at the University of Queensland, Greek Reporter Australia
03.03.2014: RD Milns Antiquities Museum team
UQ's `shining stars' recognised at awards, UQ News
07.02.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Classic lines for Valentine's Day, Alumni & Community
31.01.2014: Peter Ellerton
Where is the proof in pseudoscience?, The Conversation
30.01.2014: Emeritus Professor Bob Milns
UQ archaeology takes to the airwaves, UQ News
24.01.2014: Dr David Pritchard
The Dark Side of Democracy, with David Pritchard, Classics Confidential
16.01.2014: Peter Ellerton
What you think is right may actually be wrong - here's why, The Conversation
January 2014: State Library of Queensland
Queensland's World War 1 Centenary


19.12.2013: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Free school holiday fun at UQ Museum, UQ News
04.12.2013: Professor Alastair Blanshard
UQ inaugurates Paul Eliadis Chair, Neos Kosmos
29.10.2013: Dr Janette McWilliam
Recognising teaching excellence at UQ, UQ News
13.08.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Pacific Islander Fund Lecture (Link to Vimeo)
The Pacific Islanders' Fund and the Misappropriation of the Wages of Deceased Pacific Islanders by the Queensland Government (transcript)
06.08.2013: Mark Cryle
Show stoppers, Brisbane News, July 31-August 6 2013, Issue 942 (pages 10-11)
05.08.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Government misuse of Pacific Islanders' Fund the focus of public talk, UQ News
26.07.2013: Professor Clive Moore
RAMSI: moving forwards by asking the right questions of the past, Devpolicy Blog
23.07.2013: Professor Clive Moore
UQ scholar brings Solomon Islands history to life on line, UQ News
23.07.2013: Peter Ellerton
And in science news ... can we have more science news?, The Conversation
11.07.2013: James Donaldson (RD Milns Antiquities Museum)
The Hayes Collection of Ancient Coins, Fryer Library Blog
18.07.2013: David Andersen
Valedictorian turns to history for a glimpse at his future, UQ News
15.07.2013: Dr Melissa Bellanta
2013 Ernest Scott Prize winner announced, Articulation
12.07.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Oral history project to record gay life stories, 612 ABC Brisbane
23.06.2013: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
There are plenty of activities to keep kids happy in Brisbane, Ipswich and elsewhere these school holidays - over 500 people visited the Museum in a two week period, The Courier Mail
Winter 2013: Dr Paul Eliadis
A Man of Many Passions, Contact Magazine
Winter 2013: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
History in the Making, Contact Magazine
06.06.2013: Dr Caillan Davenport
Students CARPE DIEM from Oxford to UQ, UQ News
31.05.2013: The Bird's Blog
Lemuria: A Festival of Death, The Good Guide
06.05.2013: Dr Paul Eliadis Chair in Classics and Ancient History
UQ welcomes a classic investment, UQ Alumni News
01.05.2013: Peter Ellerton
Bees, pesticides and ... what are chief scientists for?, The Conversation
24.04.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Helen Velissaris' article on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
Festivals or war: what would you put your money on?, Neos Kosmos
April 2013: Dr Christine Winter
Über Professor Hank Nelson: Erinnerungen; Remembering Hank Nelson, ANU Channel (online Festschrift recording)
07.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard (Mary Adamopolou's report on Dr Pritchard's public lecture)
Δεν ξόδευαν πολλα για γιορτές και πανηγύρια (They did not spend too much on holidays and festivals), Ta Nea
01.03.2013: Dr David Pritchard
Lessons from the Ancient Olympics, Ekathimerini
27.02.2013: Dr David Pritchard
What is the value of Olympic Gold?, Ekathimerini
14.02.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Shipment of gifted books arrives in Solomon Islands, UQ News
11.02.2013: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
50 years of exquisite antiquities at UQ, UQ News
18.01.2013: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Spray cans at the ready, Ipswich, The Queensland Times


09.11.2012: School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
UQ teachers bring history to life, UQ News
31.10.2012: Dr Janette McWilliam
Learning at UQ 2012 (page 19)
31.10.2012: Professor Paul Turnbull
Learning at UQ 2012 (page 37)
25.10.2012: Jackie Ryan
Brisbane's cultural roots were firmly planted when World Expo 1988 took place. Almost 25 years on City News looks back, The Courier Mail
10.10.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
Nation, Religion, King Ep3 (Panel discussion on a webcast organized by the Australian National University about the Thai Monarchy)
02.10.2012: Associate Professor Marion Diamond
Historians are Past Caring
30.09.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
The Props of Madness, Discovery at UQ 2012 (pages 6-7)
20.08.2012: Dr David Pritchard
The way Ancient Greece idolised Olympic victors shows how we could benefit from Games, Neos Kosmos
11.08.2012: Peter Ellerton
Are all ideas equal? Not in the classroom, The Conversation
27.07.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
Traveller in Time: gender, national identity and the formation of childrens British History
06.07.2012: Dr Tom Stevenson
Modern relevance of Olympics to be discussed at weekend conference, UQ News
02.07.2012: Associate Professor Chris Dixon
Brisbane conference to examine aspects of the American dream, UQ News
29.06.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
New book reveals history of Caboolture's quirky collection, UQ News
29.05.2012: Dr David Pritchard
Paying your way to the Olympics, Neos Kosmos
28.05.2012: Peter Ellerton
Teaching the nature of science (and keeping students engaged), The Conversation
23.05.2012: Peter Ellerton
Health of Australian Science: time to call in the doctors (of physics), The Conversation
22.05.2012: Professor Clive Moore
UQ gears up for Transit of Venus viewing, UQ News
11.05.2012: Peter Ellerton
The truth, the whole truth and ... wait, how many truths are there?, The Conversation
27.04.2012: Dr Amelia Brown
Conference explores land and sea in Middle Ages, UQ News
26.04.2012: Emeritus Professor Bob Milns
Museum exhibition is the write stuff, Bayside Bulletin
26.04.2012: Peter Ellerton
Listen and learn: the language of science and scepticism, The Conversation
23.04.2012: Kate Walton
UQ study highlights captive Anzacs, UQ News
23.03.2012: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Ancient Relics now more accessible, UQ News
09.01.2012: Associate Professor Marion Diamond
When the boat people are welcome, ABC: The Drum
2012: Dr Gilbert Burgh
P4C In Australia: Interview with Gilbert Burgh, P4C


13.12.2011: Rev. Dr Geoffrey Thompson
Jesus caught between Christians and atheists, ABC: Religion and Ethics
09.12.2011: Associate Professor Marion Diamond
Marriage traditions, forever evolving, ABC: The Drum
18.11.2011: Dr Sylvie Shaw
UQ fights for food security with world expert, UQ News
17.11.2011: Professor Peter Spearritt
New website provides insight into Queensland's political world, UQ News
13.09.2011: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
UQ researchers celebrated for excellence in their fields, UQ News
05.08.2011: Associate Professor Deborah Brown
International students call UQ home, UQ News
21.07.2011: School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Two generations share the stage at UQ graduation, UQ News
21.04.2011: Rev. Dr Geoffrey Thompson
Can we have an Easter with kitsch, please?, ABC: Religion and Ethics
01.02.2011: Rev. Dr Geoffrey Thompson
Progressive Christianity: Testing Its Arguments, Uniting Theology and Church


21.12.2010: Professor Peter Spearritt
Online atlas puts Queensland history on the map, UQ News
10.12.2010: Dr Kriston Rennie
Students embark on history crusade, UQ News
22.11.2010: Dr Sylvie Shaw
Small grants tackle big issues, UQ News
05.11.2010: Professor Clive Moore
New book reveals a building’s unexpected past, UQ News
29.10.2010: Dr Amelia Brown
Get in the fast lane with UQ’s Summer Semester, UQ News
22.04.2010: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
New book examines legacies of war for returning soldiers, UQ News
17.11.2010: Associate Professor William Grey
Big questions challenged on World Philosophy Day, UQ News
21.10.2010: Associate Professor Chris Dixon
Public lecture discusses the Women of World War II, UQ News


24.12.2009: Rev. Dr Geoffrey Thompson
Is Tony Abbott a closet Protestant?, On Line Opinion
01.12.2009: Professor Peter Spearritt
New website charts Queensland settlement, UQ News
21.07.2009: Associate Professor Chris Dixon
Violence and conflict to be discussed at UQ this week, UQ News
22.04.2009: Professor Peter Spearritt
Exhibition unveils the selling of Queensland, UQ News
14.04.2009: Professor Peter Spearritt
Heritage-listed steam train explores Queensland’s history, UQ News


30.10.2008: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
UQ book highlights turning points in Australian history, UQ News
19.08.2008: Professor Peter Spearritt
UQ to create Queensland history, UQ News
13.07.2008: Professor Clive Moore
Tell it as it is: 30 years of independence in Solomon Islands, UQ News
08.05.2008: Associate Professor Rick Strelan
UQ in Second Life, UQ News
21.02.2008: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Education: it's child's play, On Line Opinion


15.10.2007: School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Cultural historians attracted to UQ, UQ News
22.11.2007: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Conference examines aftermath of war, UQ News
07.11.2007: Associate Professor William Grey
Climate change nothing to be skeptical about, UQ News
26.09.2007: Professor Clive Moore
MOU signed between Solomon Islands Government and UQ, UQ News
03.04.2007: Professor Peter Spearritt
South-east Queensland threatened by development: public lecture, UQ News


25.10.2006: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Learning from nation’s blunders and stuff-ups, UQ News
01.02.2006: Professor Clive Moore
AAAPS leads the Way in Australia-Pacific Relations, UQ News
31.01.2006: Associate Professor Richard Hutch
Sport: a truly spiritual experience, UQ News


18.05.2005: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
New book examines the Australia-First Movement, UQ News


20.03.2003: Emeritus Professor Michael Lattke
UQ’s Centenary Medallists, UQ News


21.10.2002: School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Researchers put Queensland on the map, UQ News
21.10.2002: Dr Geoff Ginn
Histori|co’s back to the future approach pays off, UQ News
02.05.2002: Dr Geoff Ginn
UQ in historic commercialisation, UQ News


15.01.2001: Professor Clive Moore
New book examines Queensland gay and lesbian history, UQ News


21.06.2000: Associate Professor William Grey
Environmental focus for UQ Arts, Contemporary Studies programs, UQ News
13.06.2000: Associate Professor William Grey
National conference to focus on ethical issues, UQ News


06.10.1998: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Committees make for peaceful political processes, UQ News
15.09.1998: RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Antiquities Museum acquires rare work, UQ News
18.08.1998: Emeritus Professor Martin Stuart-Fox
Former biologist completes pioneering work on history of Laos, UQ News
16.02.1998: Associate Professor Richard Hutch
Autobiographies & biographies help people come to terms with life, UQ News


05.11.1996: Emeritus Professor Michael Lattke
University successful in ARC fellowships, UQ News 

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