As the home of nationally and internationally renowned scholars, the School has a proud record of research excellence.
The School has achieved considerable success in attracting funding and producing research outcomes. The School keeps an extensive database of funding opportunities. Since its establishment in 2001, the School has been awarded research grants in excess of six million dollars, and had both staff and RHD students published in leading national and international journals and by major scholarly presses.
By encompassing four often distinct Disciplines, the research output of the School is of great scope. The multi-disciplinarity of the School has also allowed for crossover of the traditional boundaries between Disciplines.
In the future, the School’s existing research strengths will continue to be fostered and emerging strengths cultivated.
School Research Strengths include:
  • Australian Cultural and Social History
  • Cultural History (emerging)
  • Ethics
  • Greek and Roman History, Culture and Literature
  • International History of Governance and Ideology
  • Logic and Philosophy of Science
  • Religion and Culture

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