As the major provider of Philosophy courses in Queensland, University of Queensland staff in the discipline maintain international reputations and run a successful teaching and research program. Courses in philosophy introduce students to metaphysics, epistemology, logic, philosophy of science, ethics, political philosophy, European philosophy, philosophy and education, feminist philosophy, history of philosophy and philosophy of art. As a discipline, philosophy provides intellectual training in the critical evaluation of theories and arguments, lucidity of expression and the ability to address complex and difficult abstract problems. Philosophy has built extensive links to other disciplines and teaches into a number of other majors within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and in other faculties, including Biomedicine, Cognitive Science, Criminology, Education, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Law, Mathematics, Peace and Conflict Studies, the Sciences (including the Life Sciences and Physics) and Psychology.
From 2011, students undertaking the Graduate Diploma of Education may undertake a teaching specialisation in philosophy, and minors in philosophy may be taken for primary, middle school and secondary teaching. A series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules is offered for practicing teachers who would like to learn how to incorporate philosophy in the classroom. Philosophy students constitute one of the larger groups in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences undertaking international exchange programs.
Philosophy staff are actively involved in promoting international engagement, maintaining strong contact with international philosophy departments and scholars. Many international academic visitors to the school participate in conferences and seminars.
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