Adjunct Professor Scott
Adjunct Professor Scott
Adjunct Professor
Contact Details:
B.Ed (University of Canberra) 1979
PhD in Government (The University of Queensland) 1984.
PhD thesis: 'The Ahern Committee and Education Policymaking in Queensland'.
Other service awards:
Australian Public Service Medal
Queensland Police Commissioner's Award for Meritorious Service
Current research interest:
Public sector history (England and Australia)
Nineteenth century British medical history

Publications 2009-2012:
  • Scott, A, Ernest Gowers: Plain Words and Forgotten Deeds (Palgrave Macmillan: 2009).
  • Scott, A, Eadie, M, and Lees, A: William Richard Gowers 1834-1915: Exploring the Victorian Brain (Oxford University Press, 2012).
  • (With Woodward, M, Lees, A, And Eadie, M) 'W R Gowers 1895: Two Unpublished Post-Graduate Lectures', Brain, 2012 (in press).
  • Ann Scott is currently an adjunct professor associated with the Centre for the Government of Queensland.
  • Before retiring in 2004, she worked for twenty years in the Queensland public service, including the Department of Education (1984-87); the Queensland Cabinet Office (1990-92); the Review Division of the Queensland Public Sector Management Commission (1992-94); and the Queensland Police Service (1994-2004).

Previous publications include:
  • ‘Open Plan Schools: A Cross-Cultural Study’ in Mulford, W et al (eds), ACT Papers on Education 1976-77, Canberra College of Advanced Education, Canberra, 1977.
  • ‘Continuity and Change in Queensland Education’, Icarus (the journal of the Association of Independent Schools in Queensland), 1, 1, 1978.
  • Fundamentals and Fundamentalists: A Case Study of Education and Policymaking in Queensland, Australasian Political Studies Association Monograph No 22, Flinders University, Adelaide, 1979 (joint authorship).
  • ‘The Banning of SEMP in Queensland’, chapter in Scott, R D (ed), Interest Groups and Public Policy: Case Studies from the Australian States, Macmillan Australia, June 1980.
  • ‘Censorship and Political Education: The Queensland Experience’, in International Journal of Political Education, 3, 1980 (Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam)(joint authorship).
  • Paradox of Reform and Reaction in the `Deep North': Education Policymaking in Queensland, Melbourne University Press, 1981 (joint authorship).
  • ‘Education Policy’, in Patience, A (ed), The Bjelke-Petersen Premiership, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1985.
  • ‘Teaching - an Attractive Career for Women?’, in Randell, S (ed), Making Progress: Women in Management in Primary and Secondary Education in Australia, report of the national conference sponsored by the Australian College of Education and the ACT Schools Authority, October 1985, pp 81-99 (joint authorship).
  • ‘The Department of Education’, chapter in Wiltshire, K (ed), Queensland Administrative History, Royal Institute of Public Administration (Queensland branch).

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