Professor Clive Moore
Professor Clive Moore


Emeritus Professor
McCaughey Chair in History, 2013 -

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PhD, James Cook University
Cross of the Solomon Islands


Australia, Queensland and the Pacific, colonial and race relations history, and the history of gender and sexuality

Research Interests:

History, Australia, Queensland, Pacific Islands, New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Melanesia. Gender, masculinity and gay studies in Australia.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • 2010 The Forgan Smith: history of a building and its people at The University of Queensland
  • 2008 edited Tell It As It Is: autobiography of Rt. Hon. Sir Peter Kenilorea, KBE, PC, Solomon Islands’ first Prime Minister
  • 2007 edited Tingting Baek, Lukluk Raon: Solomon Islands, History and Predicament, Solomon Islands issue of The Journal of Pacific History
  • 2004 Happy Isles: the historical causes for a failing state in Solomon Islands, 1998-2004
  • 2003 New Guinea: Crossing Boundaries and History
  • 2001 Sunshine and Rainbows: the development of Queensland's gay and lesbian culture
  • 1999 co-edited Australian Issue, Journal of Popular Culture
  • 1998 co-edited A Papua New Guinea Political Chronicle, 1967-1991
  • 1998 co-edited Australian Masculinities, an Australian issue of the Journal of Popular Culture
  • 1997 1901: our future's past (co-author)
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Cross of Solomon Islands

Other Activities and Service:

  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities
  • President of the Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies
  • Member of the Boards of the Journal of Pacific History, South Pacific: Journal of Philosophy and Culture, ConCord UQ (Consortium for Community Building and Responsible Resource Development)
  • Co-Convener UQ Solomon Islands Partnership
  • Headed the Queensland team for the National Archives Founding Documents Webpage During 2000-01 he served on a Panel of Enquiry into the restructure of the University of PNG and authored a UNESCO report on higher distance education in UPNG
  • Supervisor for RHD students



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