30.10.2015: Professor Alastair Blanshard
From Ancient Rome to America: Halloween's history, 4BC 1116
12.09.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Talking about the Kurds, What in the World, SYN Nation Radio
18.08.2015: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interview on Tom Curran's book The Grand Deception, Prime Radio Network Queensland
14.08.2015: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Alastair Blanshard knows all about the ancients of Rome and Greece, Conversations with Richard Fidler, ABC Local
29.07.2015: Professor Peter Spearritt
Car parks at train stations to encourage public transport use, 612 ABC Brisbane
27.07.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Turkey, ISIS and the PKK, ABC Radio News
08.07.2015: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interview on Tom Curran's book The Grand Deception, 6PR Perth
07.07.2015: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interview on federal government research funding policy, ABC Radio National
16.06.2015: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interview on Tom Curran's book The Grand Deception, ABC 891 Adelaide
28.05.2015: Associate Professor Richard Hutch
Civil Rights 50th Anniversary, 612 ABC Brisbane
22.03.2015: Emeritus Professor Robert Milns
Bucketlist: Professor Robert Milns, Rhianna Patrick, ABC Local
18.03.2015: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interview on higher education deregulation, 612 ABC Brisbane
15.03.2015: Dr Tom Stevenson
The Ides of March, ABC Radio Brisbane
07.03.2015: Dr Tom Stevenson
Julius Caesar and the transformation of Rome, Blogtalk Radio, New York
27.02.2015: Associate Professor Chi Kong Lai
Zhongshan Merchants and social and economic development of modern Hong Kong and Shanghai, RTHK
04.02.2015: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Alastair Blanshard brings ancient civilizations to life, Conversations with Richard Fidler, ABC Local
01.02.2015: Wesley Theobald
The Gift of the Magi, Radio Adelaide


08.10.2014: Peter Ellerton
01.09.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
Discussing the differences between children in ancient Greece and children today, 612 ABC Brisbane
Discussing children in ancient Rome, 612 ABC Brisbane
21.08.2014: Peter Ellerton
11.08.2014: Dr Tom Stevenson
Discussing the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, 4BC
14.07.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
Discussing the Australian Historical Association 33rd Annual Conference, "Conflict in History", 4BC
28.06.2014: Dr Christine Winter
22.05.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
‘The Gallipoli anniversary’, Interview by Dotun Adebayo, Up All Night News Show, BBC Radio 5 Live
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
ANZAC Day interview, Mornings with Linda Mottram, 702 ABC Radio Sydney
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
20.04.2014: Dr Dominic Hyde
Interview on Napoleon Bonaparte, Queensland ABC Radio
26.03.2014: Romain Fathi and Tracy Ryan (Curator, Queensland Museum)
04.03.2014: Dr Patrick Jory


06.04.2013: Jackie Ryan
Interviewed by Warren Boland on the subject of Expo 88, 612 ABC Brisbane


05.12.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
Interviewed by Channel News Asia, based in Singapore, on the subject of the 85th birthday of the King of Thailand and the situation of the monarchy in Thailand today, for the First Look Asia program
04.10.2012: Mark Cryle
Origins of Anzac Day, ABC 666 Canberra: Drive
26.08.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
22.07.2012: Dr Tom Stevenson
Interviewed by Warren Boland and Peter Scott on The Olympics in Ancient Times, 612 ABC Brisbane
24.06.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon 
25.04.2012: Kate Walton
24.04.2012: Romain Fathi
21.02.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
Interviewed by Karen Snowden, Radio Australia, on the political situation in Thailand


10.08.2011: Dr Dolly MacKinnon


09.02.2010: Dr Geoff Ginn


08.11.2009: Dr Dolly MacKinnon 
My Heart's in the Highlands - The Folk Songs of Robert Burns, ABC Classic FM: Music Makers 


Turning Points, Radio National: Perspective (Link to program transcript)







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