10.12.2014: Professor Clive Moore
Third time lucky for Solomons PM Sogavare, SBS Radio
29.11.2014: Professor Trevor Bryce
What does history tell us about today?, Newstalk 106-108FM
19.11.2014: Professor Clive Moore
Solomon Islands Election, 2ser 107.3 FM
18.11.2014: Professor Clive Moore
Solomon's electoral roll clean up ahead of vote, ABC Radio National
12.11.2014: Professor Clive Moore
Solomon Islands election contested by hundreds of candidates, ABC Radio National
25.10.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing the mystique surrounding leaders, Tutankhamun and teeth, 2GB 873AM
21.10.2014: Professor Clive Moore
Gough Whitlam has died at 98, 4BC Breakfast
11.10.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing pandemics, the moon and the excavation of the Amphipolis tomb, 2GB 873AM
08.10.2014: Peter Ellerton
Who's truth? Disproving conspiracy theories ain't easy, 612 ABC Brisbane
04.10.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing facial coverings and tourism in the ancient world, 2GB 873AM
21.09.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
A history of forgetting: from shellshock to PTSD, Hindsight, ABC Radio National
01.09.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
No guarantee arms for Kurds won't end up with the PKK: experts, The World Today, ABC Radio National
28.08.2014: Emeritus Professor Robert Milns
Discussing the differences between children in ancient Greece and children today, 612 ABC Brisbane
28.08.2014: Dr Janette McWilliam
Discussing children in ancient Rome, 612 ABC Brisbane
21.08.2014: Peter Ellerton
Homework sucks!, 612 ABC Brisbane
16.08.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing taxation and corruption, with an eye to antiquity, 2GB 873AM
11.08.2014: Dr Tom Stevenson
Life of Caesar Consul Series #1, Life of Caesar podcast
Life of Caesar Consul Series #1, Life of Caesar podcast (mp3)
05.08.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Alastair Blanshard tells tales from Classical Greece and Rome, Conversations with Richard Fidler, ABC Local
04.08.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Discussing the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, 4BC
14.07.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
Thai coup 'winner', Counterpoint, Radio National
07.07.2014: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Discussing the Australian Historical Association 33rd Annual Conference, "Conflict in History", 4BC
28.06.2014: Dr Christine Winter
'WWI and New Guinea' segment of 'Sideshows' by Antony Funnell, part of ‘The Great War: Memory, Perceptions and 10 Contested Questions’, a special programme to mark the centenary of World War One, ABC Regional Radio
21.06.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing Latin and language, the first movie given permission to film in the Parthenon on the Acropolis, and religious based insurgencies, 2GB 873AM
14.06.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing holidays and festivals and ancient forms of communication, 2GB 873AM
07.06.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing the Taliban-Bergdahl prisoner swap and D-Day commemorations, 2GB 873AM
22.05.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
Behind the Closed Door of Martial Law, SBS Podcasts
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
‘The Gallipoli anniversary’, Interview by Dotun Adebayo, Up All Night News Show, BBC Radio 5 Live
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
ANZAC Day interview, Mornings with Linda Mottram, 702 ABC Radio Sydney
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
War tropies and curios from New Guinea in WW1, ABC Radio National
25.04.2014: Dr Christine Winter
Australia's first World War I victory in the Pacific 'boring', almost forgotten, ABC Radio Australia
20.04.2014: Dr Dominic Hyde
Two lives, green and logical, The Philosopher's Zone
18.04.2014: Associate Professor Rick Strelan
The relevance of Easter, 4BC 1116
11.04.2014: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Interview on Napoleon Bonaparte, Queensland ABC Radio
06.04.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing daylight saving and sport, 2GB 873AM
30.03.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing Knights and Dames, vilification and freedom of speech, 2GB 873AM
26.03.2014: Romain Fathi and Tracy Ryan (Curator, Queensland Museum)
Somewhere in France, Somewhere in Australia Queensland Museum, 612 ABC
22.03.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing protests, water and dreams, 2GB 873AM
15.03.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing great mysteries of antiquity and pets, 2GB 873AM
08.03.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing food - fine-dining and strange foods, with an eye to antiquity, 2GB 873AM
04.03.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
Election Is Still The Only Way To Go For Thailand, SBS Thai
01.03.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing politicians vs. the military in light of the Stephen Conroy debacle, and Mardi Gras, with an eye to antiquity, 2GB 873AM
16.02.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing Valentine's Day, 2GB 873AM
08.02.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard
Discussing Australian of the Year, actors and Schapelle Corby, with an eye to antiquity, 2GB 873AM


25.08.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Solomon Islands after RAMSI, Radio New Zealand National
07.08.2013: Professor Clive Moore
New questions over loss of 'Blackbirding' family compensation, ABC Radio Australia
06.08.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Solomons history encyclopaedia goes on line, ABC Radio Australia
12.07.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Oral history project to record gay life stories, 612 ABC Brisbane
18.04.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Mabo radio interview with Emelda Davis (President of ASSI.PJ) & Shireen Malamoo, Black Chat, Koori Radio 93.7FM (Link to audio)
06.04.2013: Jackie Ryan
Interviewed by Warren Boland on the subject of Expo 88, 612 ABC Brisbane
15.02.2013: Professor Clive Moore
Library boost for Solomon's high school, Radio Australia (Link to audio)


05.12.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
Interviewed by Channel News Asia, based in Singapore, on the subject of the 85th birthday of the King of Thailand and the situation of the monarchy in Thailand today, for the First Look Asia program
04.10.2012: Mark Cryle
Origins of Anzac Day, ABC 666 Canberra: Drive
26.08.2012: Dr Geoff Ginn
Apocalypse Now, Radio National: The Spirit of Things (Link to audio)
22.07.2012: Dr Tom Stevenson
Interviewed by Warren Boland and Peter Scott on The Olympics in Ancient Times, 612 ABC Brisbane
24.06.2012: Dr Dolly MacKinnon 
Madness and Modernity, Hindsight: Radio National (MP3)
27.04.2012: Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell
Republishing Hitler's 'Mein Kampf', World News Australia (MP3)
25.04.2012: Kate Walton
ANZAC POW stories finally revealed, ABC News (MP3)
24.04.2012: Romain Fathi
Discussion about ANU ANZAC Symposium, ABC News (MP3)
06.04.2012: Professor Clive Moore
Questions being asked about keeping military as part of RAMSI, Radio Australia (Link to audio)
21.02.2012: Dr Patrick Jory
Interviewed by Karen Snowden, Radio Australia, on the political situation in Thailand


10.08.2011: Dr Dolly MacKinnon
Disability support in Australia, Radio National (MP3)
23.04.2011: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Dealing with the Legacy: Australian Soldiers since WWI, Radio National: National Interest (MP3)


04.08.2010: Professor Clive Moore
Tight security for Solomon Islands election, ABC News: PM (MP3)
12.04.2010: Professor Clive Moore
Australia ignores Pacific history, Radio Australia (Link to audio)
09.02.2010: Dr Geoff Ginn
Speaking about his research and teaching history, Nova 106.9


08.11.2009: Dr Dolly MacKinnon 
My Heart's in the Highlands - The Folk Songs of Robert Burns, ABC Classic FM: Music Makers 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


08.12.2008: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Turning Points, Radio National: Perspective (Link to program transcript)


06.04.2007: Rev. Dr Geoffrey Thompson
Reflections on Good Friday, Radio National: Breakfast (Link to program synopsis)


23.11.2006: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
The Great Mistakes of Australian History, Radio National: Perspective (Link to program transcript)
20.04.2006: Associate Professor Clive Moore
Taiwan diplomacy linked to Solomons unrest, ABC Radio: The World Today (MP3)


09.07.2001: Associate Professor Martin Crotty
Making the Aussie Male, Radio National: Breakfast (Link to program synopsis)

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