The University of Queensland’s discipline of Studies in Religion is currently the largest university religious studies unit in Australia, with a rapidly growing postgraduate school and an international reputation for research. Studies in Religion offers a critical, multi-disciplinary approach to a range of faiths and spiritual experiences. The discipline is devoted to the scholarly discussion and analysis of the role of religion in human life, in both the past and present. Undergraduate and postgraduate students undertake courses in the major world religions, both eastern and western, as well as indigenous belief systems and new religious movements, applying the methods developed by historians, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and linguists.
Many courses offered are suitable for combination with courses in Anthropology & Sociology, Classics & Ancient History, English, History, Philosophy, Psychology and Social Work. Students are offered the option to select courses in both internal and flexible delivery (online) modes. The discipline is very active in terms of community and industry engagement, and has developed a suite of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses designed for Studies of Religion teachers in schools.
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