Rachel Quilligan, Neal Apel and Caitlin Rosenthal
The Studies in Religion staff are pleased to announce the first winners of our essay prizes.
Caitlin Rosenthal was awarded an essay prize for the best essay submitted at the 1000 level for her paper entitled 'The Scientific Exploration of Religious Experience'.
Rachel Quilligan and Neal Apel were each awarded a prize for best essay submitted at the 2000 level.
Rachel's paper was called 'Revelations in Rome', and Neal's 'Bias in the Varieties'.
Each of our winners received $100 prize money, a certificate, a notch for their CVs and, of course, bragging rights.
The next round is in Semester 2, 2012.
Dr Pembroke and Dr Strelan awarding the prizes
Prize winners: Caitlin Rosenthal, Neal Apel and Rachel Quilligan

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