Rev. Dr Monro
Rev. Dr Monro
Honorary Research Senior Fellow
Contact Details:
Grace College
Walcott St
Phone: (07) 3842 4002
BA (Qld)
BTh (Brisbane College of Theology)
BLitt(Hons) (Deakin)
PhD (Griffith)
Research Interests:
Liturgy & Inculturation; Christian Community Formation; Formation for Ordained Ministry; Feminist Theology; Uniting Church Theology; Poststructuralist Philosophy.
Selected Recent Publications: 
  • 2006. Resurrecting Erotic Transgression: Subjecting Ambiguity in Theology. Gender, Theology & Spirituality Series. London: Equinox.
 Edited Books
  • With Stephen Burns. 2009. Christian Worship in Australia: Inculturating the Liturgical Tradition. Strathfield, NSW: St Paul’s Publications.
  • With Stephen Burns. Forthcoming. Public Theology and the Challenge of Feminism. Durham: Acumen Publishers.
Chapters and articles
  • Forthcoming. “Of Frogs, Eels, Women & Pelicans: the Myth of Tiddalik and the Importance of Ambiguity in Baptismal Identity for the Contemporary Christian Church” in Christian Liturgy and Culture: Foreign Country or Homeland? The Lutheran World Federation Study Series on Worship and Culture, Re-envisioned. Geneva: The Lutheran World Federation.
  • Forthcoming. “Experience Good Worship?” Liturgy 29.
  • With Stephen Burns. Forthcoming. “Which Public? Inspecting the House of Public Theology” in Public Theology and the Challenge of Feminism. Durham: Acumen Publishers.
  • With Drene Somasundram. 2012. “‘Third-Space’ Engenders Theological Education”. The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society 2(3), 55-68.
  • 2011. “Why Not Reaffirm Confirmation?” Cross Purposes 24, 17-19.
  • 2010. “Juxtaposing Dingo and Baby: A Consideration of the Cycle of Light in the Australian Summer”. Studia Liturgica 40(1-2), 94-101.
  • 2010. “‘And Ain’t I a Woman’: The Phronetic Dramaturgy of Feeding the Family”. In Presiding Like a Woman. Edited by Nicole Slee & Stephen Burns. London: SPCK, 123-132.
  • 2010. “Pursuing Feminist Research: Perspectives and Methodologies.” In Researching Practice: A Discourse on Qualitative Methodologies. Edited by Joy Higgs, Nita Cherry, Robert Macklin & Rola Ajjawi. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 289-298.
  • With Stephen Burns. 2008. “Faithful Prayer on Parched Land: On Being Asked to Provide Liturgies for a Time of Drought”. Uniting Church Studies 14 (2), 51-64.
  • 2006. “From Historicity to Incarnality: Breaking the Nexus Between History and Christianity”. E:Oikonomia 1(1), April.
  • 2004. “Afterword—A Chair in Feminist Studies in Theology in an Australian University: A Continuing Vision”. In The Feminist Theology Project: Final Report Prepared for the Australian Feminist Theology Foundation by Kathleen McPhillips. Sydney: AFTF.
  • 2001. “When the ‘Good’ is Not Enough: The Jouissance of Watching/Reading from/for the Subjection of Ambiguity.” In Towards a Different Transcendence: Feminist Findings on Subjectivity, Religion and Values. Edited by Kune Biezeveld & Anne-Claire Mulder. Religion & Discourse Series, Vol. 9. Oxford/Bern: Peter Lang, 245-272.
  • 2001. “Doing Basket Swamp Theology: A Poetic, Nomadic Feminist Response To The Nature And Purpose Of The Church.” Uniting Church Studies 7(2), 39-52.
Worship Resources
  • With Gerard Moore. 2010. Exploring Worship. Unley, South Australia: Mediacom.
  • 2009. “The Place of Carnival: Sermon on John 12:20-33”, Cross Purposes 17, 5-8.
  • 2006. Uniting in Worship 2: What’s the Point? Five Theological Points Together with Practical Suggestions for Using the “Green Book”, Grevillea 7, May, pp. 8-12.
  • As a Member of the National Working Group on Worship of The Uniting Church in Australia. 2005. Uniting in Worship 2. Sydney: Uniting Church.
  • 2003. Commentaries on lectionary readings from Esther, Ruth, 1 Samuel and associated Psalms and introductions to Ruth and Esther. With Love To The World 10(8), 25/8 – 23/11/2003, 25-27, 29, 48-50, 52-54, 58-59.
  • 2003. “Only the Splendour of Light.” Transfiguration Sermon. Reformed World 53(1), 17-20.
I am currently Principal of Grace College, a residential college at The University of Queensland. The College is auspiced by The Uniting Church in Australia (Qld Synod) and The Presbyterian Church of Queensland. As an ordained minister of The Uniting Church in Australia for 25 years, I’ve served in placements in the congregations of Home Hill and Maryborough in Qld, and Armidale in NSW; on supply in the congregations of Warwick and Geebung; for national agencies, Coolamon College (National Network for Distance Theological Education), and Gospel & Gender; and at United Theological College (NSW). I’ve also served on the Uniting Church’s National Working Groups on Worship and Doctrine. I’ve taught in the areas of theology, liturgy and hermeneutics at the Brisbane College of Theology, Sydney College of Divinity and Charles Sturt University.

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