PhD Studies in Religion
Lecturer in Theology, Australian Catholic University and writer for the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano
"I always wanted to do research and lecture, so during my PhD program at UQ, I tried to learn as many research and teaching skills that I would use in my future academic work. I learnt research skills first by successfully completing my thesis, but also by attending other scholar's and student's seminars and presentations".
"I also attended various workshops offered by the SSH library and by Student Services that were useful at this regard. Some of the skills I learnt then, are now part of my daily work. Plus, as a PhD student I was given by the School the opportunity of tutoring and although I have taught Italian since I moved to Australia, this was the first time I tutored in English in a religious studies program. It was not easy at first, especially because I was not using my native language but it went ok and the tutoring skills I learnt in this way have been useful ever since".
"UQ students are very lucky to study in one of the more beautiful and exciting campuses in the world. I would tell them to make the most of it!

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