There are a number of reasons prospective honours students might like to look at the School Thesis Library. The first is to be able to see what a good recent thesis looks like; to see the standard of work required, and the various approaches that might be taken to a topic. Another reason is to see the enormous range of topics that have been researched in the past, giving rise to new possibilities for topics in the future. Once a topic has been selected and approved, the library can be a wonderful source of references from previous scholarship
Access to the Thesis Library is available by appointment with Margaret Higgs, Room E336, Forgan Smith Building. The collection has been catalogued on Endnote and can be keyword searched. 

Recent Theses List

These recent theses illustrate the range and scope of research open to Honours students. All are available through the School Thesis library. Philosophy Honours students complete two smaller research theses which are not stored in the thesis library and are, therefore, not listed below.
2012 Late Roman Republican Imperialism and Parthia: A Reconsideration Tom Stevenson
2012 Demeter’s Importance in Classical Athens David Pritchard
2011 Cicero and the Triumvirs in 56 BC Tom Stevenson
2011 The Power and Poverty of conversation: a post-structural deconstruction of the dialogue between the Emerging Church Movement and Traditional Evangelical churches Rick Strelan
2012 ‘In the World, Though Not of It’: The Deaconess Movement in the Nineteenth-Century Church of England Geoff Ginn
2012 Responses and Reactions to the Arrival of Vietnamese Refugees to Brisbane: 1975-1984 Sarah Pinto
2012 Beyond the Myth of the Wild West: an Examination of Language and Education Policy in Arizona and New Mexico 1990-2010 in the Context of No Child Left Behind, with a focus on the New Western History Movement Chris Dixon
2012 'Onward, Christian Soldiers’: The Experiences of Christian Soldiers in the 1st Australian Imperial Force, 1914-1918 Martin Crotty
2012 Beyond the Battlefield: The Impact of American Soldiers’ Attitudes Towards the ‘enemy’ on the Vietnam War Chris Dixon
2012 The Shell Shocked Nineteen Twenties: a study of the consequences of the First World War as understood in the literature of the 1920s Geoff Ginn and Sarah Pinto
2012 Vagrants, Outcasts, Opportunists: Examining the Lives of Female Camp followers in Early Modern Wars, 1500-1699 Dolly MacKinnon
2012 Rationing Queensland’s Home Front 1939-1950 Geoff Ginn
2012 Penance during the Reign of Louis the Pious, 814-840 Kriston Rennie
2011 Siege Women, She-soldiers, and Camp-followers: Women in the English Theatres of War, 1642-1649 Dolly MacKinnon
2011 Engaging with ‘New Worlds’ in an Age of Wonder; The Royal Society’s Program of Overseas Enquiry, 1660-1700 Dolly MacKinnon
2011 Rhythms of War; African American Music and the Vietnam War Chris Dixon
2011 Making Kingdoms Shudder: Natural Phenomena as Omen in the Early Medieval Record Kriston Rennie
2011 Denying Culpability: the influence of the German Generals’ memoirs on the historical perception of the Wehrmacht Andrew Bonnell
2011 Feminism, Domesticity and the Middlebrow Moderns: Women’s Writing in Interwar Britain Geoff Ginn
2011 In Defence of ‘Their Liberties’: A Fresh Look at the English Parliament of 1407 Kriston Rennie and  Dolly MacKinnon
2011 The Crisis in Indonesia-Australia Relations in the 1990s Patrick Jory


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